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2015 Oscars: best dressed women
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Posted by: Viktor Sopovski on 2015-02-23 15:43:54

Where did you get all these Oscar photos? The all the actors and their dresses look deformed, colorless....? Worst photos ever!

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Oscars 2015: best dressed men
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Posted by: carey579 on 2015-02-23 08:45:33

A suit is a suit is a suit (or tux whatever -__-) Every man still wears the same old boring sexless tuxedo that they've been wearing since Queen Victoria was on the throne while women can wear any design that the human mind can conceive. Menswear is just depressing :(

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Hollywood classes in Dubai
Posted by: vignesh on 2015-02-11 06:31:49

hello ,

I'm vignesh and i want to have an acting classes for beginners .
i live in dubai .
please ,let me know from when i can attend the classes


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20 of the worst Oscar winners in history
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Posted by: Chris on 2015-01-20 04:51:35

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

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City of Life: The Dubai Movie
Posted by: shajaz jazz on 2015-01-02 20:25:39

Michael on 15 May ' 10 at 12:37

took me 40 min buddy to find!!:))

the song name after the crash scene is

different stars by trespassers william!!

Enjoy !!its a epic song!!:)

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Watch Paddington for FREE
Posted by: Anita baherwani on 2014-12-20 21:21:17

All of us like spending time together whether it's goin to park or movies or anywhere and wht better way wen u get time to spend in such a way with the wonderful team of Timeout Dubai...Just wish atleast once we get to be with all of u n spend the best quality time ..a pre Christmas gift infact...

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Lord of the Rings in numbers
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Posted by: Anselm on 2014-12-11 17:39:29

Virgo Mortensen is 5''11(1.80m)

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40 must-see films of 2015
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Posted by: Mike Stokes on 2014-12-08 12:49:51

'A Dark Reflection' to be released in early 2015 is a must see for all in Dubai as we all travel by air! This will be an ' Erin Brokenovich' of the aviation world on how airlines persist in exposing crews and passengers to engine oil fumes that leak in to the aircraft air-conditioning systems from the engines. The oil contains a powerful neuro-toxin that can severely affect all who breathe it in. Airline have been covering up this problem for years. Only the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is not affected as it does not take air for the cabin off the side of the engines (bleed-air). Instead they use separate compressors! I doubt if you will see this independent film on board a flight soon but you will see it in the UK and US or on DVD so please check it out!

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The 20 best Christmas films ever
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Posted by: Michael A on 2014-11-18 09:35:43

Good list but I would have The Santa Clause and Home Alone 2 in there also. And also Hook :)

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Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy?
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Posted by: Ahmad on 2014-08-13 09:16:24

Amazing article just love the way you have shared the information about the movie and its character. After looking at the trailer and seeing some large actors like Vin Diesel in the film I have marked it as a must watch and will be dragging my friend along with me to watch this in the coming days. The story line seems extremely interesting and I am looking forward to how it plays out.

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