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Stunning futuristic pictures of Dubai
Posted by: andreas on 2014-03-22 13:08:05

May I know where is the spot to take this amazing shot ?
Thank you.

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Pet-friendly spots in Dubai
Posted by: Moro on 2014-03-19 13:09:38

True, very useless. i still don't know where to take my puppy for walks. Is it me not getting it or they didn't say?

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Massive new developments coming to Dubai
Posted by: James on 2014-03-05 11:57:31

Awesome news about Safa Park.

It's about time someone got rid of those green spaces and build some much-needed places to shop.

At last we'll have exciting new retail opportunities.

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30 FREE things to do in Dubai
Posted by: ALi on 2014-03-03 10:13:08


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Al Barsha Park
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Posted by: Unmisha on 2014-02-26 19:14:44

Al Barsha Pond Park is awesome. It has a seperate walkway and a seperate cylcing track. Cycles are also available for hire Beautiful set up with waterbody and greens . Play area for the children. Well maintained and makes for an amazing and large park. Over 2kms in diameter , one round and you are surely going to get addicted to visit daily

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Dubai's best classes
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Posted by: Dieter Dratwa on 2014-02-25 07:47:01

The best DJ School of 2014 in UAE is "DJ Academy Dubai" ;-)

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The Beach at JBR profile
Posted by: oli on 2014-02-24 08:02:43

your forgot SushiArt ! It is open !

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Dubai Food Carnival
2 Reviews
Posted by: Hanan Boqari on 2014-02-23 10:55:52

it was great and an amazing experience

good luck on the next event

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The big Dubai supermarket price comparison
Posted by: Taryn on 2014-02-18 06:53:47

I like to shop economically, but what's more important to me is shopping in a place that is clean, organized and easy. Shopping at Carrefour MOE may save me Dhs 1 here and there, but personally, I despise going to MOE in general. It's a zoo...........especially the Carrefour! So regardless if this is an advertisement for won't see me spending my money there or MOE.

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10 top UAE camping spots
Posted by: Oliver&Nikki on 2014-02-04 09:27:15

Based on the recommendation we found here, we went to Al Dhafra Beach, Abu Dhabi last weekend 31/01/14. However, I think that the “ Experts” must have gone to a different beach, as we found a totally different place when we arrived!

Upon arriving, we were stopped directly by an Al Dhafra Golf Links committee member demanding that we pay 100Dh per tent before they would allow us access to the track that leads to the beach. After a long discussion with them and looking at our alternative options, we finally agreed to pay for two tents rather than face turning back so late in the day.

Once we accessed the now very expensive campsite! We found a scene that is as far from the picture described above as it gets! The review describes “The water and scenery is incredibly beautiful and pristine, making this an ideal spot for some photography.” We found, a beach located between to industrial plants, completely littered in debris…1000s of bottles, Plastic, timber, foam, glass, metal…. You name it, or threw it in the sea and it’s there! So unless you like bottles and garbage strewn across the landscape, I would suggest leaving the camera at home. As far as wildlife goes, we took our kayak, nothing… not even a fish. Although, a few birds flew past! But even they must have thought it wasn’t worth landing for… Hahaha.

On the plus side, we made the most of it with our friends and the fire was burning all night thanks to the abundance of free timber on the beach. But we will never go down there again.

The picture used was not taken there. Not worth the journey at all. There are much nicer / cleaner places to camp throughout the UAE.

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