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UAE Dolphin Project
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Posted by: Dannah on 2014-11-11 07:25:02

I love the idea of this company and bravo for writing about it.

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Debt in Dubai
Posted by: shobha on 2014-11-07 05:36:01

I left Dubai due ot some family emergency and when i approached th e bank to clear my credit card bills and close my account they obliged and did so accoring to me. But after 2 yrs of returning i get a call from a collecting agency in India saying i have a pending amount on my credit card. I have no papers on repayment as i had come on emergency. I was ntoable to pay the money as i had lost my hubby by then and havign financial crises. Still i want to clear my debts with a minimal amount how can i do this and be out of ban.

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Dubai Tram essential guide
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Posted by: Timeoutreader on 2014-11-06 17:06:32


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Bedouin Oasis Camp, Ras Al Khaimah
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Posted by: Liz on 2014-11-05 18:36:51

Wow, after reading this review, I really want to go. Honestly. We are so different. I am searching for a place to go in the desert with pure, real bedu atmosphere. NO disco, NO foreign influence, NO DJ requests, just silence, maybe some local oud, local food (whatever that is, as long as it is authentic) stars and nature. Goat hair tent, a fire, sand and arabs who don't pretend to be nothing but themselves sounds perfect. I'll book this place for sure on my next visit.

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The Manganiyar Seduction
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Posted by: rituu roy on 2014-10-31 09:55:36

Can I get my 11 year old daughter for the Manginyar Seduction?

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Al Twar Public Library
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Posted by: Nisha on 2014-10-31 06:54:20

I want to know if Al Twar Public Library has Children books ?
How much is the membership fee for joining the library?

Waiting for a reply.

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Nais Italian Kitchen
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Posted by: EMILIO DARIO on 2014-10-27 20:24:58
  • Best for: Romantic

Dear travelers (Italians and not Italians),
you are in Dubai and you are walking around under minimum 27 degree (humidity is about 85%) and no wind.
You have been walking in JLT surrounded by any sort of fast food and ethnical cuisine restaurant but you are looking for a really good lunch / dinner and you do not want to end up in one of the famous restaurant Italian chains you can find everywhere on a seaside (Dubai Marina).
The best option (actually the only one) is to go to NAIS, in Jumeirah Lake Towers take a seat and wait for the best: believe me your expectations will be more than fulfilled.
NAIS is a quite hidden place (unfortunately) on the lake promenade first floor (yes, you need to take stairs to go there but a bit of exercise is even good before eating don’t you believe?)
Food is a matter of tastes, like paintings, sculpture, women and I am going to give you my personal point of view from Italian perspective of course, ranking an Italian restaurant.
I tried chains, I go to normal places but when I travel abroad I also like to experience Michelin Top rated restaurants and I actually tried those that are in Italy.
Moreover being from Italian region called Piemonte, I believe I can judge such type of kitchen and food.
NAIS is one of the best restaurant I have ever been in my life.
NAIS is a very cozy restaurant, minimalistic, one of those places where you will never think to enter even what you see shows some potential it looks super clean and it has kitchen on display (that is always a good beginning): NAIS looks precisely what it is shown from their website.
It is definitely not the place for a romantic dinner (owners and managers should think about it….) and this is due to the fact that JLT is an office area that becomes empty in the evening.
Apart of that the quality of food is OUTSTANDING.
I come from the Italian area of Monferrato (and I was amazed when I knew that is the same place where the manager and the chef come from) and I could not believe that you can find similar restaurant outside of Piemonte.
For sure you hardly find anything like this outside in the north of Italy and I thought it was impossible to find a place like this abroad and especially in Dubai.
There is no one dish which is NOT EXCELLENT by presentation, taste and way of cooking. The cuisine is simple exactly like real piedmontese kitchen is: I still can’t understand where raw materials are taken from, especially if you consider that prices are cheap.
Russian salad Piemontese way, bagna cauda (the real bagna cauda), tuna veal are unbelievable: the quality of food is AMAZING BUT SUCH WORD IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.
Truffle pasta is compelling and I hardly remember something similar unless I dig into my far memories, Sunday afternoon spent looking for mushrooms and truffles in Monferrato and Langhe hills.
The crew is super attentive, efficient and always cheerful, the manager too and she is extremely careful to listen to all guests suggestions and recommendation: there are people who go there to see her actually but this is called piedmontese charm….
My biggest, total, unconditional admiration and respect is for the chef Stefano Bertero whose kitchen, dishes selection, technique and presentation are A MANIFEST OF PIEMONTE IN THE WORLD.
This young chef is an extraordinary talented person who is already a star.
Couple of times only I had such touching experience in tasting such a food.
What makes everything even greater is that the atmosphere was closer to a office canteen rather than to a posh restaurant in Langhe area: what changes everything is the food quality that is MARVELLOUS.
Take into account that this place during lunch is kind of pilgrimage point for Italians in Dubai.
I wish more than best to Stefano, all kitchen staff, the restaurant crew and the restaurant manager.
You are all one of the few real example of Italian excellence in terms of dedication, quality and hospitality.
I really hope you will be more successful since you are simply the best Italian restaurant in Dubai.
I have no doubts that people like you are, with talent and great organization, will have a great success, not only in Dubai but wherever you will decide to move.
Thank you very much for giving always a smile to people after very heavy working morning.
Especially thank you very much for reviving what’s really priceless, like tasting excellence and bring only good memory of Italy back to our hearts.

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The 50 best things to do in Dubai
Posted by: john on 2014-10-26 12:04:17

You're saying the best burger is one with veal "bacon"? INSTANT FAIL.

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Outdoor Events Arena @ Festival City
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Posted by: Manjeera Chintala on 2014-10-20 06:45:58

Looking for a party hall for 21st Nov

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Careers UAE 2013
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Posted by: Aniket on 2014-10-19 08:49:45


Kindly let me know in case of any openings on your website timeout

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