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Pharrell Williams in Dubai on New Year's Eve
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Posted by: noor on 2014-11-23 23:40:34

is it 21 plus?

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Being treated unfairly by your landlord?
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Posted by: Sundar on 2014-11-17 11:20:41

Good to note this. I have a grievance, but not sure of where to post. If some one can help on this, it would be nice. I had rented an apartment at Muhaisnah 4 in April 2014. I moved in with my family there. The apartment's rent of 73,000 was given in 4 cheques. We moved out to india on vacation on June 25th. My 2nd rental cheque was replaced with cash in July, though the cheque got bounced. I could not honour the cheque as i found difficulty in transferring funds from india to honour the check. During the stay, i ran into health issues and had to undergo a surgery on the leg. I informed the landlord a month before, through email not to present the next check on 6th september, as I needed money for the medical expenses. They ignored and presented the check and made a case on me for the check bounce. I somehow borrowed money and paid to them immediately through my friend. As my health did not improve, we tried to return to dubai to vacate the house, but faced issues on account of the case, as it was not lifted by then. I wrote to the landlord to allow me to vacate the house which was not occupied since June 26th. They did not agree and asked me to pay another 3 months rent to complete the contract. As our household items got stuck there and i wanted to have a smooth exit, i travelled amidst my operated leg and paid 3 more months rent to complete teh contract. In the sense, 9 months rent was paid to the landlord without occupation. My pleading to the landlord to reduce this did not get any response. After all these, the landlord is not willing to return the deposit money and cites cleaning and painting expenses. Though its a small money, it helps me a lot at this juncture. Do I have any helping hand from Dubai laws to fight?

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5 things to do today in Dubai
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Posted by: emily rose on 2014-11-14 16:48:55

Great Post ! I really appreciate your effort of writting... Thanks for sharing such a superb Post .... Keep Sharing such a great info ... !!!

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