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Kings of Leon to play Dubai
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Posted by: Graffalo Soldier on 2014-03-23 13:21:17

Wednesday night gig on the Palm with all the traffic of people coming back from work??? Are they mad???

Traffic will be a nightmare. It is bad enough on a Friday never mind during after office rush hours!!!

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Stunning pics of Cavalia in Dubai
Posted by: wild khan on 2014-03-21 06:52:31

Oh woow

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Two DIFFERENT bands called UB40 coming to Dubai. Huh?
Posted by: nephertiti on 2014-02-27 12:06:01

Ahlan Wasahlan ... .UB40 ( 5 founding members ...the original sound of UB40 ) are playing on the 28th of Feb at the Dubai Em Golf Club Big Grill

You are not only going to hear Duncan's most beautiful voice , but first class skilled musician ship , the brass section, the saxaphone player, the drummer, the bass player, keyboards . ...these are 9 seriously talented musicians which I have traveled round the world to see >20 times in the last 6 years .. ....Dubai deserves the best : and has just got it ...and UB40 deserve to see round beautiful Dubai :)..from a fan who wishes she was there

3 Ex members of UB40 are playing in April Gig -as far as I know, they only adopted the UB40 name in January 2014

Salams to all :) and have beautiful time tomorrow

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Review: The Rolling Stones 14 On Fire tour in Abu Dhabi
Posted by: Thomas Topolski on 2014-02-25 14:24:08

Great review. This was about the eighth time I've seen the Stones since 1978 in Buffalo, NY. What struck me some 36 years ago still rings true today, they are loose, passionate and undeniably live. I was thrilled with Keith's two selections - two of his best in my view and I thought it was cool when he told us that he "wanted to get it right" when he took a do-over on the start of Slipping Away. who else could get away with that? Long live the Stones, Hey, Hey, You've Got me Rocking!

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Three new venues now open in JLT
Posted by: Jaco Grove on 2014-02-25 10:24:24

UBK is a fantastic place to hang out with great food and great vibe! Everyone will surely enjoy it with all their good offers as well.

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Suggestion box – help make your Dubai site better
Posted by: Nora on 2014-02-22 07:50:42

I really love timeout Dubai, as u get a chance at winning something, and I participated in competitons before, but I never won. But I was wondering if timeout Dubai, could host a competition to win a 2000 AED forever 21 voucher, lots of people will be interested in entering , I know I will, and I would really like to get a chance to win a shopping voucher, especially to forever 21, so please can you please host a competition of this sort???
Thank you!!

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The Wolf of Wall Street heavily censored in the UAE
Posted by: Bob on 2014-02-22 06:32:23

Yeah all the good movies are being ruined here in Dubai. Make it 21+ if you have to but do not mess with the movie. This Isn't the first movie to get cut nor the last one. One time i actually wanted to go ask for a refund cuz i had no idea what happened in the movie.

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22 useful smartphone apps in Dubai
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Posted by: Rosie evie on 2014-02-20 13:57:08

Everything is very open and very clear explanation of issues. was truly information. Your website is very useful. Thanks for sharing.

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150 million year old dinosaur coming to Dubai Mall
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Posted by: Craig on 2014-02-20 06:42:27

First saw the headline and thought this was about Mick Jagger

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How to get free tickets for the Dubai Jazz Festival
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Posted by: Liberty L. Que on 2014-02-19 08:56:29

Our deepest THANK YOU to Al Futtaim Group -Dubai Festival City for the free JAZZ MUSIC gigs! We were able to enjoy the great jazz music for free whilst indulging in some amazing freebies! Thank you and thank you for making Jazz music available to the public. More Power!

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