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Activities at home
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Posted by: julianne on 2014-05-04 13:26:08

Corrine is a totally awesome momma! So happy to see her and her kiddos here and spreading their exciting crafts, ideas, and thoughts around Dubai the internet. Keep it flowing Corrine! Love the surprise of seeing a beautiful and familiar face pop up when reading through time out.

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Le Petit Palais in Dubai
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Posted by: Wilhelmina Cupdio on 2014-02-11 03:59:58

I found Le Petit Palais the most amazing place for kids as it not just keeps them busy with all soorts of activity but that it also stimulates their minds where they can become creative little beings. It also gives parents the opportunity to spend precious time together and knowing that what they value most is in good hands. It is also great to know that they are growing in business in dubai.

All the best to your Company.



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10 to try: Family brunches
Posted by: Lol on 2014-02-04 05:20:05

Omg how good is bublicious I want to go there for my birthday to spend some time with my family

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American football in Dubai
Posted by: Houston Texans fan on 2014-01-05 13:32:35

I called them and they said that it had moved I was just wondering where it had moved.

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Sandcastle sculpture in Dubai
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Posted by: grigor on 2013-11-26 05:10:02

I'm a monumental sculptor, how I can be there in Dubai to show and create my art with art people, until June 2014 I can be there... grigor.

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Best apps for kids
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Posted by: Eleanor on 2013-10-29 03:17:13

Barefoot World Atlas looks like a great app - my son is showing an interest in geography, so I'm sure he'll love it.

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19 money saving tips for Dubai families
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Posted by: Ryan Makindu on 2013-10-25 01:15:13

I feel enlightened by the tips however these tips are only focused on families and some of us that don't have families also need these money saving tips because even though rolling solo or even in most cases as a couple it is not easy to save money when you've got to balance long working hours and your own entertainment and maintain a living standard for your own comfortability and still have hope for the future in terms of savings. I think or rather feel that some tips would go a long way.
Thanks though for looking out

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Kids' party planning in Dubai
Posted by: Ibrahim Khan on 2013-10-09 06:28:20

This is very good and informative post. Thanks to share.

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50 things to do in Dubai for Dhs50
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Posted by: obaid on 2013-10-02 15:11:59

50 things in 50 dhs

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Topic of the week: Sleep tight
Posted by: Adam Zargar on 2013-10-02 08:52:17

I advise the parents I work with to enforce a clear bedroom routine and be strict on the time that the children go to bed with light off. You can't enforce the actual sleep but you can make sure they go to rooms on time etc. If they are not don't shout, simply time how long after the curfew they are messing about and make then start the routine that much time earlier as a natural consequence the next day. They will soon learn!

Adam Zargar
Empowerment Coach

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