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Posted by: Abdurehman on 2012-04-18 11:31:47

I'm a Humanitarian Support Professional and really interested in organising fundraising events in UAE for different causes.

I have many ideas , if you need me to be a part of some noble cause .

I 'm Available.

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Street Jazz and Street Tap
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Posted by: Cindy Zou on 2012-03-25 14:36:53

id like to know more details about street jazz and street tap, im interested in it

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Emirates Arthritis Foundation
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Posted by: Sushmita Vasu on 2012-03-12 15:01:17

I have free time usually on weekdays of which I'd like to volunteer on any of those days, Every week. Please advise how can I be a part of it.



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Community events in Dubai
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Posted by: Lloyd De Jongh on 2012-03-05 09:36:34

This page is one of the most useful features on this site and in Dubai ;)

Thanks for featuring our bi-weekly photography (Emirates Photo Club). How do we get to feature our regular meetings on an ongoing basis with Timeout?

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Dubai Ladies Club
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Posted by: Adriana Insua on 2012-02-24 13:09:11

hello, my name is Adriana and i arrived to Dubai one month ago. I would like know women for take coffee or chatting. If you are interested please write Thank you

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Dubai Foundation for Women and Children
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Posted by: madiha malik on 2012-01-30 11:47:29

i am a very needy lady.i have a son and i dnt get husband support as such.i want to be independent.i am an educated lady.i hav done masters in statistics and i also have work experience in pakistan and uae as well.plz help me out for finding a good job with good designation.i want to show my husband that i can do it for myself and my child.he always under estimates me and try to be nauzbillah God for us.thx

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Volunteering in Dubai
Posted by: salha on 2012-01-21 10:39:21

HI, I was looking for voluntary working in dubai hospital.or any other department that are in need of voluntary

thank you

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New game zone in Dubai
Posted by: consoler on 2011-12-28 10:52:20

Sounds good for PC gamers, but having 2 consoles only and that too only playstation and no Xbox don't think these guys are up with the times and will get any console gamers. Living room cafe does a better service for the console gamers it seems.

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Recycling in the UAE
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Posted by: Pieinthesky on 2011-12-20 11:37:16

Great article, but there's still no info about WHERE we can recycle. Any company names, links, collection points?

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Posted by: PACO MACO on 2011-12-09 19:35:40

Dubai is a good place i wish to be there

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