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Emirates Marine Environmental Group
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Posted by: Rula Albadri on 2015-02-01 05:16:20


My 15 year old is interested in a voluntary job.
Does you charity have a place for him?

Thank you

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Top dog-walking spots in Dubai
Posted by: Neeta Lad on 2015-01-28 14:32:46

People who do not have a pet can never understand the attachment we feel for our babies. I can never go for a walk on the promenade or the beach alone and leave my baby boy at home. Not going to happen, no no!!!! I would rather move to another part of the world. I was wondering, if there's so much land available and every kind of amenity for every citizen , is it too much to ask for a few patches of designated areas where we can walk our pets? We don't need paved areas or grassygardens, just some sandy stretch of ground would be fine !

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Animal World
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Posted by: Reem on 2015-01-13 07:14:19

Hi, I found a male cat around 1.5 year old. long hair light brown color. The cat needs a foster home, I can provide pictures of the cat. quiet cat that will stretch and purr quietly next to you and can be an indoor cat. Please let me know

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Volunteer in Dubai
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Posted by: lola on 2015-01-06 07:59:22

Hello, I am interested in volunterring for any organizations in Dubai. Please email me with info. on how I can help.

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Five-star pet grooming in Dubai
Posted by: Sanchia Oberholster on 2014-12-16 06:37:39

Desperately trying to locate Hany Farouk Mohamed (he is not with Pet's in the City anymore) - best groomer in Dubai so far - does anybody have his contact details ? I have tried numerous groomers,have not had same results as when Hany groomed my yorkies.

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Feng shui expert Padmaja Yadav in Dubai
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Posted by: masood ali on 2014-12-15 10:06:38

looking for guidelines for vastu for our business.

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Pet adoption in Dubai
Posted by: milita on 2014-12-14 09:30:09

I would like to adopt a puppy... i want to give it to my Son for Christmas.... Please cantact me immediately

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Dubai: New in Town
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Posted by: Syed on 2014-12-02 11:02:43

Hi Folks, I'm new in Dubai as well. Can someone please advise me on Manpower recruitment agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Thanks in advance! Syed

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UAE National Day in Dubai 2014
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Posted by: Tanveer Abbasi on 2014-12-01 13:03:39

Wonderful achievement of U.A.E in 43 years, it could possible due to the devotion struggle and choose the right path to guide the nation and thought them how to develop. ALLAH ALWAYS BLESS U.A.E, HELP THEM TO ACHIEVE THE AIM OF LIFE AND SERVE THE NATION.

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Turkish expats in Dubai
Posted by: Kenan Ahmed Siddiqi on 2014-11-28 20:48:31

Hi there. I want to learn the Turkish language in Dubai. Is there anyone who can help with a teacher or an institute contact? Thanks.

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