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Who is performing at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2015?
Posted by: Bin on 2015-09-12 12:39:46

BLUR? HEADLINERS? Surely Abu Dhabi can do better than that! OK, so Blur are not bad, but they don't rate against The Who, Aerosmith, Prince etc. Taylor Swift, Madonna, not possible. ACDC, possible on Sunday night which would be unbelievable, but I am not sure even Abu Dhabi have deep enough pockets to woo them. Was anyone even talking to them at the start of this year I wonder! Maroon 5, OK, not a bad compromise, but I will still be very disappointed if it is only them and Blur. Maroon 5 have been here a zillion times before so that’s hardly a major coup. And as for Calvin Harris, doesn’t he live here? Yeah, great coup that one. And who are the rest again??? I will even settle for U2 at this rate.

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Fibber Magee’s
16 Reviews
Posted by: Aj on 2015-09-12 11:48:14
  • Would you go back to this bar/club? No

Bouncer at the door would not let my friend into the bar because he was wearing a turban. He told my friend the he'd have to take it off if he wishes to enter.
We then called the bar manager (hoping for sensibility to prevail), but he too didn't seem to care.
It all seemed quite contradictory to what they state on their website "traditional Irish hospitality... friendly atmosphere... welcoming staff...".
If someone from Fibber's actually reads these reviews, I would really welcome the opportunity to discuss this w/ them further.

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1 Review
Posted by: Nicola Siotto on 2015-09-12 07:58:49
  • Best for: Romantic

I have hosted my birthday at Toko with 12 people sitting at the lounge. The food was excellent. Fairly priced. The service was impeccable and we were catered continuously with highly professional staff. The live DJ was great and all my guest have congratulated with me with the choice of the venue. Ultimately, I would definitely go back for a relaxing evening with my wife and also with friends.

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Tolosa Bodéga
4 Reviews
Posted by: Nicola Siotto on 2015-09-12 07:49:10

Went with my wife to scout for a place where to celebrate my birthday. We had a dinner with two main courses, two glasses of wine and a shared dessert. 445.50 AED. She asked to change the side potatoes with vegetables and this was charged extra. It's not the extra charge but the policy which doesn't seem fair in my view. However we have then spoken to the manager for inquiring on my birthday and that I wanted to work around a budget. Instead of telling me that the restaurant was fully booked, said that on Thursday he was busy and honestly he wasn't too keen but in order to do me a favor he could organize some finger food appetizer at the bar. Told him I'd let him know. Of course we decided to go elsewhere and has been the best decision we could make. I haven't felt welcomed at any time during the evening and with the competitive restaurant market in Dubai I don't think this is an appropriate attitude.

To be fair for what it's worth, the food was quite good.

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GALLUS Chicken Rotisserie
1 Review
Posted by: Olivier on 2015-09-11 14:56:59

Fantastic chicken. I will have it again and again.

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First look: Marina Social’s menu
1 Comment
Posted by: Pratik Rajgarhia on 2015-09-10 21:21:13

Marina Social is on my top bucket list and would love to meet Jason

Have been waiting for this since TASTE OF DXB FEST this February

Thanks Intercon team and Marina Social for going LIVE and bringing the SOCIAL element on right in the amidst of DXB MARINA :)

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Dubai’s errand runners
1 Comment
Posted by: Sheraf on 2015-09-10 15:07:02

Nice! There's also
They can pick up anything by text message in Dubai

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24 top pizzas in Dubai
Posted by: ustad malik on 2015-09-10 12:16:02

you should try PIZZA HUT its the best pizza in town Lol

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Sushi Counter
1 Review
Posted by: Juju on 2015-09-10 10:16:33

Absolutely outrageous service. I ordered my usual lunch on Foodonclickwhich is a service I enjoy because I don't have to deal with people on the phone. After placing my REPEAT ORDER which is only available if there was an order placed in the past 15 days, I received a call from a very rude lady who just called to confirm my order. I don't want her to call me. Foodonclick has a brilliant platform. Just read the order and deliver. It's very simple. She made a big deal because I always ask for mango salad instead of miso soup. She said she can't do it which is weird because my past orders were always delivered that way. Then she said my last order was in December 2014, so she basically called me a liar. She was incredibly rude, the conversation was unpleasant and unnecessary. Needless to say that this is my last time I ordered from you and I'll be writing negative feedback on all possible social media forums. It's just beyond me why you would employ such people. She's obviously lacking the skills and training that's required to deal with customers. Very disappointing.

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PICTURES: Amazing projects happening in Dubai right now
1 Comment
Posted by: Tomy Conde on 2015-09-09 05:09:17

I think this is a very good idea

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