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Posted by: Ricki on 2015-09-04 05:15:08

I'm not sure where these bad reviews are coming from. The missus and I have been to Girders a couple of times now, last night being the most recent.

The managers, barman and waiters were friendly and attentive, but did not hover over the table. There was great music, good selection of drinks and long happy hours. The food was brilliant. Well priced and big portions.

We'll definitely keep going back.

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Mommy in Dubai blog
Posted by: Anzina on 2015-09-03 21:33:53


I would like to share my experience with mosaic nursey. Mosaic Nursey is usually a nursery in jlt together with very big rooms, maximum 16 kids per class, well qualified teachers and in addition they do different routines. They will also ensure that every child entrusted to it is nurtured to produce and grow being a willing and permitted learner.
My son loves being at Mosaic nursery. Every morning he is racing me to the door and the car to take him there. No wonder he likes it with so many colourful resources toys, cheerful activities and joyful team. Thanks


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10 to try: Florists
Posted by: Mark on 2015-09-03 15:02:20

I have been recommended by my so many friends and i tried services. Their design, delivery service , customer service and freshness of flowers was amazing. I will diffidently recommend them as one of the best florist in the town. Their tool free number 800 5382


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30 great deliveries in Dubai
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Posted by: Ashok on 2015-09-03 13:30:24

Well recently i came across on facebook and they are really worth trying for online groceries.

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Dance Afrique back Meydan with Akon and French Montana
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Posted by: Sfy Umuny on 2015-09-02 14:15:50

Taking ‪#‎DanceAfrique‬ to Dubai, you ain't seeing nothing yet.
London was shut down heavily ‪#‎DanceafriqueSummerFest‬, Dubai's gonna be more appealing ‪#‎DanceAfriqueDubai2015‬
‪#‎GetReady‬ ‪#‎October8‬ ‪#‎MeydanRacecourseDubai‬ .

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Noughties favourites Blue set for Dubai gig
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Posted by: Kimberley Lopes on 2015-09-01 16:18:02

I am super excited to hear about the band being reunited.. Listening to them makes me feel happily nostalgic. Best boy band ever.. Would be super thrilled if they would come to Dubai.

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How to make the perfect CV
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Posted by: Mujeeb Ahmed Sheikh on 2015-09-01 08:08:51

Yes, this moment of time, Benita Adesuyan may be right. Things changes every second. Its all depends on the Employer and his hiring team. My Son who stayed in Dubai and tried his level best efforts. He is an MBA degree holder from one of the repute university, plus SAPS certified and also Supply chain management certified. But he find that most of the hiring is done on contacts , likes , lobbyy base and yes they need the cheapest one. Talent or experience is not so important as it is to be. My son is back , but what about such companies, who are hiring and collecting such personals.

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Michelin-starred chefs in Dubai - new openings
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Posted by: Stuart McGurk on 2015-08-31 14:43:19

There's actually no such thing as a Michelin-starred chef.

Restaurants get the star not the chef.

(I learned that from a podcast - just thought I'd share it with you)

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Friends of animals in Dubai
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Posted by: Diana on 2015-08-31 13:49:45

You guys need to add to the list. They are very professional and can answer anything related to pets. They are very helpful.

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Provocateur, Jumeirah
2 Reviews
Posted by: Clark on 2015-08-30 15:37:37
  • Would you go back to this bar/club? No

Very rude and offensive waitress

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