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Ban Khun Mae
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Posted by: Tally on 2015-03-04 10:07:40
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A rather lackluster review, no? Perhaps the reviewer was there on an off day. I have tried almost every Thai restaurant in Dubai and this is easily among the best and even better, among the most authentic. It's not watered down, dumbed down Thai food for the masses, but a real replication of what one finds in Thailand. There's even a separate menu for even more authentic regional Thai dishes that I never see at any of the other Thai restaurants in Dubai. Not only are the curries and noodle dishes excellent, I can feed myself easily for only 50 AED and 100 AED buys me enough takeaway for two nights. While this place has long been a hidden secret, it's reputation is spreading through word of mouth and they now do a brisk delivery around New Dubai as well as takeaway.

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Carluccio's, Deira City Centre
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Posted by: Jean on 2015-03-04 09:35:20
  • Best for: Family friendly
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

Here, they refused to accept the Timeout voucher for a take away order.
They said it was usable for Dine in Only. This was not mentioned on the voucher. Timeout should be clear about this in future.

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Soho Bar & Grill
4 Reviews
Posted by: Jean on 2015-03-04 09:30:06

We gave our 2 Timeout 2 for 1 main course vouchers to the waiter before ordering. We ordered a salmon & a shrimp from the Sea food section, a Steak from the steak section & a Quesadilla form the Soho Bites section. There was no heading of " Main course" on the menu.
Only when the bill came, they informed us that they could accept only 1 voucher as the Quesadilla was not a " main course". They should have informed us at the time of placing the order especially since we gave them the vouchers even before that.
The food was mediocre, not dying to go back.

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1D Fan Package
2 Reviews
Posted by: lujain on 2015-03-03 19:08:37

are the fanpackages still avaliable i wanna get them

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5 Reviews
Posted by: shanaz fatima on 2015-03-03 11:57:28
  • Best for: Family friendly
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? Yes

Really good restaurant. wide variety of menu items to choose from. Great staff great ambiance. feels like i am in turkey for real! a must visit. lots of drinks to choose from and not to forget the chocolate kunefe

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Top 10 Indian restaurants
Posted by: I love it on 2015-03-03 08:36:41

Guys.. please try Manvar at Karama.. you will understand what spicey nice northy food is

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Ed Sheeran in Concert
14 Reviews
Posted by: alimcdonn on 2015-03-03 07:48:38

i also want to goto ed sheeran but my parent allowed me.

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New Mini Monsters centre in Dubai
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Posted by: Salma Massoud on 2015-03-03 07:31:40

My twin niece and nephew come to Dubai every year and they love going to mini monsters. The place is just a happy place and my sister and I enjoy playing there as much as the kids. It is so thoughtful of them that they don't make you pay for the 2 if they are twins. Their philosophy is, if you get twins that should not be a punishment! We always pay for one and get the second for free. It really is not the money, it is the thought put behind it. Thanks Sana and Hiba! Brilliant idea.

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Kite festival in Dubai 2015
Posted by: KB Rao on 2015-03-03 07:19:06

we have purchased tickets for this event in full price, the event didnt occur as mentioned and were told that the ticket amount will be refunded. until now there was no refund. the event organizers failed ot organise event and least effort from Timeout to resolve.

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Drake Live in Concert
1 Review
Posted by: Hayley Hockley on 2015-03-02 17:54:59

Good evening.

What time do you expect the concert to finish?

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