Bedouin Oasis Camp, Ras Al Khaimah

Bedouin Oasis Camp, Ras Al Khaimah
Location: Dubai
Tel: 04 266 6020
Travel: Exit 119
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  • sai Feb 21, 2015 04:13 pm
    @Rajesh Rajan, your comments are discusting. You are putting PEOPLE in the trush??!!!! First of all you made a wrong choice. Iit is a BEDOUIN camp, not a night club. Why would you expect music and dj at all?!! Bedouin camp is supposed to be all about a nature, away from noise and technology, simple people....Learn some manners, sir!!
  • RAJESH Jan 06, 2013 05:46 am
    Dear Organizers,

    It took me about a week to settle down and write about the the disgusting experience had in the New Year Eve celebs held at Bedouin Oasis camp. It is understood that ambience does play an important role in the overall feel of the environment but it is not the only one that is important. You should be equipped with personnel who can schedule the events in a fashion wherein total involvement of the guests in the program are of primary importance. You should make the guests feel that this is the moment, this is the day which they were all awaiting for. But to our utter dismay, there was no such professional in your entire team. Guests were left alone to themselves as any routine day. Even the announcements etc were so unprofessional that there was no energy or drive in your team to carry themselves on. Really pathetic. And to top it all, on this day when the advent of the New Year moment is that instant wherein each one of us await, it was made to look so casual. No fun and splendour at all. Just another announcement viz Happy New Year. Common, this is not the way a New Year is celebrated. One thing is for sure, You have made us realize that all these many years what we have celebrated was definitely the best for which we feel happy about and came to know the standard of your modus operandi. It is not at all worth for the money that is being paid for. We just thought we have donated in charity.

    Besides, New Year is a moment of celebration. And no celebration is complete without Music and Dance. This is that expressions that brings joy to each one of us present there. With Dance you express yourselves the joy of the moment. And that was crucified by the manner in which you had organized the same. An absolutely dumb DJ. I believe his name was Jabbar (not sure). I just can't imagine how you all land up with such people and give them the responsibility for such events. Music that was played was thrash. Ideally the organizers should have scrutinized the guests who would be a part of the event and should have evolved with ideas to have music pertaining to each nationality. These would have been moments to treasure. If you have the video, please observe that the dance floor was practically empty most of the times. This was largely due to the flop show of your DJ who did not know how to involve the people. Above all, he was extremely rude, not supportive to our suggestions as well. Being an Indian, I am not asking only for Indian music to be played, but it should also have been a part of the music gallery. Only typical music was played and none of the guests did even feel to be on the dance floor. Was the dance floor a mere show off or did you all intend that the guests should occupy the dance floor and exhibit fun is really a question to ponder about and till date is an enigma. I strongly believe that you just cannot bank on Ambience etc. If that is the case, it has to be made clear at the booking instant itself. We remember having checked with the organizers whether there would be Music that too Indian to which we were replied in affirmative. Kindly be crystal clear in your way of operations and donot swindle your guests.

    It was overall an experience not memorable at all. This celebs is worth putting in the thrash.

    Regards/Rajesh Rajan

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