Luxury cinema screens may not have been invented in Dubai but this is their natural home. Just like the first class seat on a plane the end result is the same – you don’t get there any quicker and Adam Sandler doesn’t get any more enjoyable – but the whole experience is more fulfilling in every way. Several cinemas now offer the service with variations on the gold class, platinum class, better class theme but the concept is the same everywhere in town. Bigger, plusher, reclinier seats (often with additional buttons for playing with during long car chases) , exclusive menus, waiter service and, unfortunately, premium prices come as standard. Save it for the epic three hour fantasy you have been looking forward to and skip it for the latest 85minute teen-com.
Try Gold Class screens at Vox Cinema at Mall of the Emirates, Barsha. (04 341 4222). Read more about Dubai’s best cinemas here.

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