Twins and triplets in Dubai

The city's most alike siblings at the Multiples Festival Comments

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By Time Out Dubai staff
Time Out Dubai,

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Posted by: Maggie on 19 Jan ' 13 at 19:53

Thank you, they can be Cheeky too :))) Costumes- courtesy Dubai Drums :)))

Posted by: adam on 26 Mar ' 12 at 18:06

Best of the lot i must say

Posted by: Zakiyyah on 26 Mar ' 12 at 15:29

Masha'Allah! Cutest triplets ever!

Why does the caption say there are five people in this pic??? Hmmm

Posted by: Julie on 25 Mar ' 12 at 14:00

Congrats on the best costume :)

Posted by: Iman on 25 Mar ' 12 at 08:50

Awww masha'Allah! They are sooooooo cute!!
God bless them

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