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Ten conversations we dread having

The end of a hair cut, during a massage, over the phone and anything in a lift

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Blackout at Dubai Mall

All the pictures from the eerie moment Dubai Mall plunged into darkness.

17 things to do in Dubai this week

Cheese night, Eddie Izzard, a pool party, Roger Sanchez and more

WATCH: Time Out meets Russell Howard

On the eve of his three-night stay in Dubai, Time Out Dubai chats to Russell Howard

10 ways to live the long weekend

Make the most of the extra day with these handy hints and tips

17 things you HAVE to do in Dubai this week

Gypsy Queens, Russell Howard, Spielberg musical and more things to do

14 John Lewis bargains for under Dhs200

We hunt for some hidden gems at Festival City’s newest UK import

A desert adventure

Sofia Vyas sets out on an epic road trip to explore The Empty Quarter and the surprisingly lush oasis town of Liwa

10 ways to enjoy the beach

Respect the heat, be cool, avoid swimwear, stay calm and more beach tips

14 things you need to do in Dubai this week

Free yoga, stargazing, superhero DJs, New Order, comedy and more

31 ways to amaze your guests in 2017

Open up and entertain your visitors with these 31 exciting experiences

What you HAVE to do in Dubai this week

This week's bucket list - your next seven days sorted

Dubai World Cup 2017: Unexpected umbrellas

16 of the coolest umbrellas seen during the DWC downpour

Must do for Mother's Day

Brunch? Dinner? Spa day? We've got it covered here

23 outdoor adventures in the UAE

Get out of your comfort zone and into the wild

17 things to do in Dubai this week

The Proms, street food, fashion, Dubai World Cup and more

10 things that will happen if you stay in

Sweat pants, takeaways, movie marathons and more home truths

Old Dubai: The Greatest Hits

How well do you know the old end of town? Here are 63 things you've just GOT TO DO if you've been neglecting Old Dubai

Things to do in Dubai this week

Mothers' Day, freediving, breakfast deals, amazing art and more



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