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In-tank diving experiences in Dubai

Try one of these exciting encounters with the underwater world

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Scuba diving in the UAE

Lessons,locations and more things you need to know about scuba diving in Dubai

UAE fish spotter's guide

Take a look at some of the more striking and spottable fish found in Dubai waters

Bikers on Jumeirah Beach Road

Motorcycle cruising - Dubai style - thanks to the Biker's Cafe

Swarovski crystal Sparkle Towers in Dubai

Inside Dubai’s crystal-themed Swarokski residence in Dubai Marina

Best beach clubs in Dubai

Treat yourself to a day of sunbathing and waiter service at the beach

Jumeirah Corniche guide

As Jumeirah Corniche nears completion, we take a look at the development

Best Big Boys Toys buys

Jet packs, private submarines, personal buggies and much more

Things to do in Al Ain

Planning on a trip to Al Ain? We've got the best places you need to see and do

Party boats and yacht charter in Dubai

Cruise the waves on one of Dubai's popular party boats or go cruising with mates

Set sail on Abu Dhabi's biggest boat

The capital's largest catamaran is available for private hire

Ten reasons to visit Abu Dhabi this weekend

Our favourite things to do in the capital revealed

Jumeirah 3 area guide

Top spots running from Madinat Jumeirah up the beach to Al Athar Street

Jumeirah 2 area guide

Explore the thriving district between Al Athar Street and Al Uroba Road

Jumeirah 1 area guide

Eating, shopping and more from Al Uromba Road down to 2nd December Street

The ultimate guide to Jumeirah

Old favourites and hidden gems in Jumeirah 1, 2 and 3

Dubai's must-visit mini malls

Bigger doesn't always mean better...

Six upcoming events to look forward to

From monster trucks to a yoga retreat

Your Abu Dhabi bucket list

33 things you simply must do before you leave the capital

Top dog-walking spots in Dubai

Recommended spots for furry friends



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