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Disney on Ice Princesses and Heroes in Dubai

Watch famous characters do Disney on Ice in Dubai

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25 things to do in Dubai this week

Disney on Ice, dinosaurs in cinemas and McIntyre on stage

25 best things to do in Dubai this week

Reggae beach festival, trampoline clubbing, live comedy and more

Jetman Dubai interview

Jetman Dubai talks about his new partnership with skydiver Vince Reffet

25 things to do in Dubai this week

Prepare for Ramadan in Dubai, enjoy Conrad’s end of season party and more

Dubai from the air 2015

See aerial pictures of Dubai as our photographer takes to the air in a Seawings Seaplane

The Gaffal dhow sailing race in Dubai

2The race took place between the island of Sir Bu Nair, near the Iranian coast, and the Gulf emirate of Dubai

Dubai Summer Surprises 2015

The much anticipated summer festival will bring the sweaty city to life

36 summer discounts in Dubai

Save money on food, drink, pampering, shopping, sport fitness and more

25 things to do in Dubai this week

Guns n' Roses tribute band, The Wailers, improv comedy and more

Amazing homes on sale in Dubai now

Luxurious properties - whether houses or apartments - on the market in Dubai at the moment

25 things to do in Dubai this week

Groove on the grass, Italian opera, drum 'n' bass, Palestinian pop up and more

25 things to do in Dubai this week

French house, UK garage, Mexican food, Turkish baths and more

20 things to do in Downtown Dubai

Where to eat, drink and be entertained in Downtown Dubai, whether you fancy some social or alone time

25 things to do in Dubai this week

Kasabian, Maifest, Example, StreetCon, reggae party and much, much more

Best beach clubs in Dubai

12 of Dubai's best private beach clubs and sandy party spots

Dubai: What to do during a 24-hour layover

How to spend a day in Dubai in between flights, including travel time from Dubai International Airport

Dubai’s 10 best luxury golf course homes

See which properties made the list of top homes with golf course views

25 things to do in Dubai this week

Massive new beach festival, outdoor cinema, happy birthday Armani and more

Cold Dubai

From icy facials to private snow parties here's how to stay cool in Dubai



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