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Best art events in Dubai this week

The best exhibitions and cultural activities in Dubai this week

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Interview: Hayden Kays in Dubai

We speak to British artist Hayden Kays ahead of his Dubai trip

8 art events in Dubai this week

Street theatre, mini-plays and some of the best art in Dubai this week

The Perspective at Meem Gallery

Dubai-based Syrian artist Juliet Makhlouf on her geometric art

Juliet Makhlouf exhibition in Dubai

Dubai-based Syrian artist unveils 'The Perspective' at Meem Gallery

Juliet Makhlouf art exhibit in Dubai

Syrian artist merges science and pop visuals for Meem Gallery show

Travel phototgraphy exhibition in Abu Dhabi

Inspiring photography will give you some serious wanderlust. Approach Urban Bites with caution

8 art events in Dubai this week

Theatre, open air street culture, illustration, portraits and more culture to spy

How artist Emily Gordon creates UAE souvenirs

We speak to the local artist about how she depicts the Emirates in compelling layers

Andre Brasilier & Mauro Corda at Opera Gallery Dubai

The exhibition will be running April 15-29 in DIFC

7 best art events in Dubai this week

An ideal itinerary – as selected by our editors every week

Dubai Dollar Project 2015 opening

Visitors interact during the VIP opening of the Dubai Dollar Project 2015 - 'Heroe$ & Villain$' at RIRA Gallery

Alia Al Farsi art exhibition at The Empty Quarter Dubai

Highlights from the Alia Al Farsi art event in Dubai

Skateboard art in Dubai

Greek-American artist Fotis Gerakis on ‘Street Art Goes to the Opera’

8 art events in Dubai this week

Dollarsandart, Annie The Musical, macho art and more

World Art Dubai 2015

Images from an official event of Dubai Art Season, the month-long arts initiative organised by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority

Interview with Dubai’s The Hive co-founder

We speak to Darshana Thakkar from Dubai’s The Hive

7 art events in Dubai this week

William Shatner at Middle East Film & Comic Con, World Art Dubai and more

Celebrities support World Art Dubai

Can you guess which star did which piece for World Art Dubai?

Inside Steve McCurry’s 7 Princesses

Examining the Emirates at The Empty Quarter’s 7 Princesses exhibition



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