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Al Sahwa: The Awakening at Ayyam Gallery

The conceptual artist best known for his 2010 installation 'Message/Messenger', Abdulnasser Gharem has been known to push boundaries in his home country of Saudi Arabia, wrapping himself around a tree in plastic to illustrate how importing them was damaging indigenous varieties

DIFC Daily Al Sahwa: The Awakening
The Art of Tailoring – Eva Torbinska and Holland & Sherry Exhibition at The Atrium

Show exhibiting the art and techniques of bespoke tailoring, drawing on a complete picture of heritage, style etiquette and the future of bespoke tailoring

DIFC On Wed, Apr 23
Urban Reflections at Cuadro

Presenting works by different artists across different locations, this exhibition has a little something for everyone

DIFC Wed, Apr 23 to Sat, May 17 Photography
Faig Ahmed at Cuadro

A nominee for the 2013 Jameel Prize, sponsored by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Ahmed is Cuadro’s current artist in residence

DIFC Daily Sculpture

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