Lost amid the plethora of outdoor venues stretching out back from the Habtoor Grand, it’s easy to overlook Salamar

  • Salamar
Location: - Dubai Marina
Tel: 04 408 4257
Travel: Al Sufouh Road
Metro: DAMAC Properties Metro Station
Experiences: Outdoor seating, Food served, Dance floor
Times: Open daily 4.30pm-1.30am
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  • David Vaughan Nov 12, 2011 06:37 am
    I have only been here in the cooler evenings of early November at the recommendation of a friend. I found the place a great venue to chill out and catch a few cold ones. The staff were friendly and the enviroment relaxed. I would recommend this place as a nice relaxed night out. Everyone has their own taste and I can imagine if you prefer indoors air conditioned rooms than it would be sensible to avoid during summer.
  • David Jul 31, 2011 06:58 am
    I have to agree with the others as I was one of the diners on the Friday also. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city and AC because of the Summer heat is something we take for granted, however whomever runs the Salamar obviously feels that their venue is not in need of any kind of cooling whatsoever. I arrived hot from the walk from the hotel and tried to access via the top floor door which was locked all the time I am being stared at by poolside bathers. By now I am hot and sweating and in need of some cooling down but as I enter through the door I am see a bunch of diners huddled around fans!/ It just gets worse as everyone is seated downstairs the fans are pushed towards the tables and we are about to lift of!. These fans are cooled by water and minute particles of this dirty liquid are sprayed over everyone and the less than warm dry revolting food. For 300 dhs this is nothing better than a disgrace of a venue. I like the others here will NEVER return to this dump!l
  • John Jun 19, 2011 07:21 am
    I went to Slalamar for a Friday Brunch, on offer at half price.

    Wow - it was bad. REALLY bad and REALLY REALLY HOT!!!!

    The temperature inside the restaurant was outrageous. Everyone was soaked in sweat, teeshirts stook to back, transparent shirts, totally minging. The staff were frazzled and the diners were fretting. They had these massive fans that pumped out water into the blast of air and they'd put them next to all of the dining tables. It was like eating whilst flying a by-plane!

    Food was really tasteless and dry and the choice was pathetic. Nothing much else to say. Won't be going back, ever! I think it was the first ever brunch I did where I lost weight and had my jeans not been stuck to clingy, sweaty legs, I may had actually had to toghten them by one loop.
  • Richard Jun 19, 2011 07:10 am
    Dubai’s worst brunch!!!!

    Firstly, the temperature in the venue was soooo outrageously hot! I am a slim, fit man who is totally used to living in the heat and I was drenched in sweat, it was disgusting. Guests were standing in front of the out door style water expelling fans (like outside the airport but in Salamar they are next to your table as the AC is rubbisha nd it's basically a conservatory) in a bid to cool themselves. I can’t believe they open in the summer and expect people to sit in such conditions, no one was comfortable, it was awful! To have large, water filled, outdoor style fans going full blast next to dining tables says it all. Between the extreme heat, the humidity and the high powered fans, all of the ladies we were with were miserable in about 20 minutes as their hair was going everywhere.

    The starters were served and things were looking ok, average at least but everyone was fidgety due to the uncomfortable conditions. When we were told we could go downstairs to get our mains, we were flabergastered! The quality of food on offer was quite literally, shocking. Beef ‘Tenderloin’, well it’s a good job it was labeled as the only way I could describe it was a tough, dry chunk of chewy grey matter. The chicken was like it had been dried in the sun since the day before and the prawns were like rubber. I don’t have many comments for the rest of the dishes as there was only a handful, choice was really bad. None of my party even ate half a plate. Worst quality, worst choice and worst conditions to eat in.

    We finished the brunch and were all starving, I said we should go to a better hotel but the ladies were miserable and desperate for some food so we ended up going straight to Underground bar to get some food – this speaks volumes. This is not the standard expected in Dubai, and even with a 50% off voucher, I still thought it was not good value. You cannot allow people to sit in such conditions, then serve them food of such a terribly low standard. I’d have been happier with a plate of sandwiches from the supermarket.

    Dubai’s worst brunch!!!!

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