10 Dubai hairdressers

Whether it’s high-end highlights, or the perfect bargain blow dry, these are the hairdressers that you must try in Dubai 89 Comments

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This is an article from 2009. Click here for an updated 10 top Dubai hairdressers.

A bad hair cut can break a woman. Be it an ill-advised mullet, or brassy highlights, we all know the pain of a styling disaster. Here are 10 Dubai hairdressers that you can usually rely on…

Franck Provost: With branches all over town, Franck’s got it covered. We’ve been on the other end of a couple of Provost-shaped trims and we’ve always come out smiling.

Jen’s Hair Studio: Jen is known for her friendly and relaxed approach, so open up, tell her what you want, and let the magic happen. The L’Oreal hair straightening here is pretty good too.

Maria Dowling: Maria is known across town as one of the best, and rightly so. Just make sure you book well ahead to get your preferred stylist.

Salon Ink: Not the easiest of places to find, but worth the mission. Great colours and, unusually, if you say you only want a “tiny bit off the ends” that’s what you’ll get.

Toni & Guy: If you’re a bit of a scaredy cat, get booked in here. Whether it’s maintenance, or a restyle, you’re usually pretty safe.

Pretty Lady: Not a lot of people know this, but Pretty Lady do pretty amazing blowdries – especially if you’ve got an unruly barnet.

Nirvana Spa: If you’re after a bit of advice, and you need forcing to have your hair trimmed, even when you don’t think it needs it, Nirvana’s for you. The experienced stylists will have you back on the straight and narrow in no time.

Top Style Salon: Known as one of Dubai’s best spots for a blowdry, Top Style also does a pretty nice line in highlights.

Zouari: If you’re prepared to shell out some serious cash, the colourists in here are miracle workers. You’ll always get a safe pair of hands.

The Haven: Tucked away in a residential area of Jumeira 1, near Orthosports, you’d never stumble across this place as it’s mostly known for massages. Weirdly, they also do pretty good blowdries.

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Posted by: Jayne on 02 Feb ' 15 at 08:31

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Simona at Chill Salon Media City is been doing my hair for 6 years since she was in Toni & Guy and she's the best cut , colour, styling , she did my hair for my wedding too and I always been so happy I hear often about bad hair experience and I always put her name trough and all my friends are so happy with her So if I have to suggest an hairdresser in Dubai for sure will be her Jayne

Posted by: jyoti on 05 Jan ' 13 at 08:22

i had recently gone to Juice for the first time. my sister had an appointment there. they gave advice as to what she should do with her hair and the hair cut was very minimalism as according to them she needs to repair the last haircut first. All thought i dint see any difference on her hair,she seemed happy. but with reference to staff and waiting time , i do agree with the above comments. i have been to couple of saloons in Dubai and Juice customer care was the worst. the attitude of the staff was horrible. ant they made us wait forever even though the stylist appointed for my sister was simply sitting and yapping there. probably one of the most unprofessional saloons i have been in duba

Posted by: Sahar on 30 Dec ' 12 at 11:46

I have just had my birthday totally ruined thanks to Akhlas at Sera salon in Media City.

Akhlas did not listen to how I wanted my hair cut and I have come home and straightened it myself thanks to the horrible unmanageable curly style she gave me. I did not see so much as a smile from her, nor any sign of consideration for how I wanted to hair done on my special day. The layers are not even symmetrical and I will be going elsewhere to fix this.

She was not delicate when doing my waxing and my arms were not even fully done, I have had to come home and use some wax strips on myself in parts where she missed.

The only praise I have for the place is for the lovely manicurist Marivic who did my nails beautifully and was so pleasant and cheerful to chat to.

Regardless of their 50% offers, this should not mean that a stylist is rude, pushes you around and makes you feel uncomfortable in a place where you are paying to come and be pampered. Perhaps there are other better stylists there but if you are looking for a relaxed stylist who listens to what their client wants, then do not go to Akhlas.

Posted by: kylee on 14 Dec ' 12 at 19:56

hi i go to Jennie, she used to work at hairworks and she is now at Great Lengths salon, on Al wasl Road, she always does a great job with my blonde highlights, always have left her felling happy and relaxed with lovely hair ! defo recomend her to anyone !

Posted by: Sherry on 21 Jun ' 12 at 10:09

I looooove my hair because of you Jacques and even my friends and my bf , the best color with Jacques at the address dubai marina. Xx

Posted by: Shruti on 14 Jun ' 12 at 06:57

I completely disagree with what Neha had commented with Juice Salon Dubai. I have been their client for the past 7 years and yes sometimes I have been made to wait for an acceptable reasons, but then there are occasions that i am not on time for my appointment but they always have accommodated me even when the salon is super busy. All the staff have done great job. They are super friendly and very professional. I cannot see myself going to other salon other than Juice Salon Dubai!

Posted by: Neha Saini on 05 Jun ' 12 at 22:07

Hi All, Whoever is thinking of using services at Juice Salon (Dubai).. think again! 1) They are one of the most UNPROFESSIONAL salons I have ever visited. They will make you wait for 30 mins despite of taking an appointment. 2) The staff is untrained and will do exactly opposite of what you as for. 3) Total waste of your money & time! Think again before visiting this salon!!!

Posted by: Becky on 13 Apr ' 12 at 05:04

Does anyone know where Simona is from T&G, she said she was leaving but I was told that she is back at a salon ??? (PLEASE HELP)

Posted by: Nashwa on 26 Mar ' 12 at 09:38

Can anyone tell me if the Toni & Guy Dubai does Brazilian Keratin hair treatment? and from does the charges start? Thanks

Posted by: Elise on 26 Mar ' 12 at 01:46

After reading this forum and the reviews I visited Rami on the 3rd floor, the Address Hotel next to the Marina Mall.

I don't believe my hair has EVER been so soft and manageable after a color before. I don't know what he did, what he used, but my frizzy, dry hair is soft and smooth and easy to work with. The color is rich and suits my complexion perfectly.

He gave me a beautiful cut that sits really well. Not just that but he has an idea of what sort of style would look good for my features and I'm going to give his ideas a go, grow out my locks in the way he suggests instead of staying with the same old, same old!

I am looking forward to my next visit to Rami and seeing how his vision for the new me unfolds :)

Go to him, I can't believe you'd be disappointed.

Posted by: Sara on 11 Mar ' 12 at 05:31

Anyone been to Le Salon in Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa on Jumeirah Beach Road? Please let me know of your reviews on the salon.
Much appreciated.

Posted by: Coco on 24 Feb ' 12 at 17:06

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Hello I'm not easy with my hair at all and my hair very sensitive and very important for me, I suffer a lot in Dubai , a friend bought for me a luxury treatment for my hair at Jacques Lacoupe the Address Marina , and Jacques use ORGANIC color and it's just amazing , I recommend this salon every one searching for a good hairdresser

Posted by: anon on 02 Feb ' 12 at 06:29

I went to the address yesterday and they just did what they wanted to!! Had a colour they didn't even show me a colour chart therefore they had no idea what colour i was after...I went in
blonde, came out dark!!!! As for the haircut...the guy constantly told me that my hair had mistakes in it...and that my hairdresser was no good...I used to love the way my fell...now it doesn't!!! It's taken me ages this morning trying to tease it to 'go' the way I like it....it cost an absolute fortune too...went the night before and they gave me a price then yesterday put 500 drhms extra on the price...needless to say I didn't tip!!!!

Posted by: Amanda on 24 Jan ' 12 at 11:52

I love this place Jacques La Coupe Im doing my hair with them since 3 years and every time I go out from the salon I feel better , i tried all the team and satisfied with all of them. Trusted Recomended ;)

Posted by: Rula on 21 Jan ' 12 at 16:08

I was looking for a new hairdresser and after reading these reviews I tried Rami at the Address Marina Mall. I have grey hair that is resistant to colour and he did a great job ensuring that my colour came out perfect.

Posted by: Riya on 15 Jan ' 12 at 21:27

One of the best I have discovered so far is Silver Hair Ladies Salon in Karama. It has been in Dubai since the stone age and the staff is very professional and friendly. I was very charmed by my bridal makeup and paid a quarter of what I would've paid to any other salon in the downtown side.

Posted by: claire smith on 11 Jan ' 12 at 07:36

I recently went to Chill Salon at Dubai Media City. WOW what an experience. I had a full head of highlights and a cut. I was nervous as always as i have very curly hair and i have had a few cose shaves in the past but i felt very relaxed and looked after. the head massage when u get your hair washed is one of the best and the finished result of my highlights is perfect. just the right blond. not too trashy or yellowy a perfect classy blonde. i will definately be returning, it is resonably priced too.
my cut was by Luke the MD there. he spent a long time on it and his company is lovely.. good chat!!!

Posted by: Liya on 07 Jan ' 12 at 19:53

I have long hair and very sensitive with blond highlits I had hard time with the hairdresser in Dubai until I found this salon Jacques La coupe at the address hotel marina and Jacques did my hair it's amazing and I will tell every one about the salon

Posted by: Katy J on 11 Dec ' 11 at 15:40

I made an appointment with Rami at Jacques La Coupe salon after reading the above reviews and I would definitely recommend him. My hair was in pretty bad condition beforehand but I'm really happy with the end result thanks to Rami. The salon itself is comfortable and the staff are also very friendly.

Posted by: Kath on 07 Dec ' 11 at 16:52

Found the savour of blonde highlights!!!As we all know if you have blonde highlights and live here in Sunny Dubai, its very difficult to get the perfect shade. Well fear not lady's I have found the man. I went to Khaild at Chill Salon and had him do some very fine natural highlights. The result is FANTASTIC, they look so so good. My mum is on hoilday next week and I can not wait to take her to him. I have been here for 2 years and I'm so over the moon to find someone to do my hair. 044462991 is the number

Posted by: maria on 04 Dec ' 11 at 11:53

Hi, I'm looking for hair care treatment name alterna I've hear that they have a great range and the best caviar treatment for burn out hair. If anyone know a salon selling this product pls let me know.

Posted by: jacquline on 27 Nov ' 11 at 19:53

had my hair done with jacques at jacques la coupe salon the address hotel marina, the guy did a very nice color and highlights i ever had in dxb and i love the salon spacious and gorgeous , reasonable prices and proffessional team , i highly recommend this salon and all the team

Posted by: Judyz on 20 Nov ' 11 at 08:50

I have been at Jacques La Coupe salon at the Address Hotel Marina and Jacques did my hair hes just amazing he changed my hair color to lovely blonde with a trendy hair cut he made my day i recomend this guy BIG TIME 044458381 .. Thanks Jacques

Posted by: Judyz on 20 Nov ' 11 at 08:21

I have been at Jacques La Coupe salon at the Address Hotel Marina and Jacques did my hair hes just amazing he changed my hair color to lovely blonde with a trendy hair cut he made my day i recomend this guy BIG TIME 044458381 .. Thanks Jacques

Posted by: Anastasia on 18 Nov ' 11 at 19:32

I have just come from HairWorks in Umm Suqeim and i am very happy with Clare who did for me the cut, blowdry and highlights, the price is ok and she is really professional. I would recommend her to everyone and definitely would come to her again!

Posted by: erika on 15 Nov ' 11 at 13:58

I have had a terrible experience at Pretty Wolf Nail & Hair salon, it is a clean place but the service rude and unprofessional.
Can try Essentials or Beauty spot in Wasl Rd. nice, professional, good service and quality products.

I would not let anyone from my friends or relatives go to Pretty Wolf Salon

Posted by: Carolina on 14 Nov ' 11 at 16:21

Hello everyone,
I need an advice...i need a good Henna artist in Dubai!!
Could you please recommend me any?

Posted by: Jess on 05 Nov ' 11 at 18:52

I drove all the way from the other side of town to vist Luke at Chill salon, my friend goes to him & I also did a little bit of intermet searching so thought I would try. Had a great cut (trim) and will be going back 100%. Well worth the drive. Would'nt normally write a post, but I'm so happy you should go, check it out www.chill-salon.com

Posted by: Chander on 05 Nov ' 11 at 17:11

Can anyone suggest where I can take my wife for a professional hair do .

Posted by: Chander on 05 Nov ' 11 at 17:11

Can anyone suggest where I can take my wife for a professional hair do .

Posted by: Kellis on 02 Nov ' 11 at 10:19

I would like to make bronde hair coloring! Where should I go? Who has expirience?

Posted by: Olivia Halvorsen on 29 Oct ' 11 at 16:57

Just had the worst haircut ever at the address. Never going back! Thank god i stopped him before he went even further!

Posted by: Stephanie on 27 Oct ' 11 at 03:51

There is one stylist that shines far above all of the many others I have tried here in Dubai and he is Rami at The Address Hotel, Marina, 3rd Floor. His color technique with blonde hair is exquisite. I've had strangers stop and ask me where I've had my hair done. The salon is great, too...lots of light, nice feeling of openness. He also has access to unique product lines. I've been going to him now for several years and he has magically managed to increase my hair volume so I now look I have twice as much as when I started. I can't say enough good things about him.
You can reach Rami at.+971 4 445 8381 .
The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, 3rd floor.

Posted by: Saro on 19 Oct ' 11 at 08:50

I am a local here in dubai and we by far have the worst salons and hairstylists.... I dont think half of them went to school for it I went to roots one time in barsha forr root touch up and trim first of all she chopped half my hair off saying it was dry then she turned my roots ORANGE and the lady didnt know what to do so she tried to sell me a shampoo that would get the orange out :I no offense never goto a lady hairstylist who is morocaan.. I hate this salon and will never recommend it to anyone ALSO aloushii in jumiera did the same thing and the list goes on and on!! i just want a good place that can cut your hair and give you nice extentions and blend it all in! why is that so hard>?????? ughhh frustrated

I will try rami in the address hotel this weekend i hope
crosssing my fingerrsss thanks alll

Posted by: Salma on 15 Oct ' 11 at 06:35

Rami i s fantastic! Just had my hair cut at his new location The Address Dubai Marina Mall on the 3rd floor. What a fabulous salon, lots of natural sunlight, clean and great decor (added bonus - you can get a mani/pedi at reasonable prices). Rami is a great hairdresser, always cuts beautifully. Nothing like walking out with great, bouncy hair! I highly recommend him.

Posted by: Annie on 10 Oct ' 11 at 12:28

Just when you think you have found the perfect colourist/stylist in Dubai they leave - have a baby or just do a runner (thanks Patrick!). At last I have found somone who has a good track record and has done a fab job on my hair - blending the colour beautifully and a great cut together with sensible advice! Many thanks Rami at the Jacques La Coupe salon in the Address Hotel - Dubai Marina Mall - phone him directly for great service with a smile 050 2866753.

Posted by: karen flaherty on 05 Oct ' 11 at 11:21

Transformbody ladies centre - motor city:
I gave this salon a real challenge to turn my black end and light roots in to something glorious! My hair type dry and brittle, black mid to ends and lighter root to middle. The ladies in this salon were very postive. Crissy on reception was more than helpful and full of good information. They really pulled together as a team and consulted with each other. They made me feel comfortable and offered refreshments, then on consultation they were very honest about the process I would be given and how many times I will have to return before reaching my colour goal. Afshan worked wonders with my hair and I felt comfortable in her hands. My hair was excellent and the cut and blowdry too were fab. The price was great for all the services I received. I had manicure and pedicure whilst getting hair done, the ladies were effiecnt and results were great. I will be going back, its a gem of a place for hair and beauty treatments and so handy off emirates road and right next door to a coffee shop and spinneys. Thank you ladies especially Afshan of Transformbody centre I feel fab!

Posted by: kareen on 03 Oct ' 11 at 19:59

I was going to Chill Salon, I was seen with khaled,he did for me a very nice highlighs,cut, blow- dry. My hair looks and feels great
he was worke with all experiance and he a does a professional job.khaled is AMAIZING... and highly recomended

Posted by: Helen on 30 Sep ' 11 at 12:19

Having read lots of the reviews, thought I would try chill Salon in Shatha Tower in Media city. WOW. What a salon, got booked in very easily with the receptionist who was English. When arriving at the salon, parking was a little difficult, but I got let into the car park when I rang I was downstairs. The salon is great inside, beautiful deco. I've not seen anything like it before. Also what a buzz the place has, all expats inside working and getting there hair done. I had Nicola do my highlights and Luke to do the cut, they both came over to do the consultation, which was great. I have been in Dubai for 4 years and this is the 1st real time I felt 100% confident the the salon. It result was Fabulous and it was toooo expense. My husband loves it and all my friends are now going to try. Two BIG thumbs up, the number is 044462991. Try it you will not be disappointed

Posted by: Khadija Semlali on 27 Sep ' 11 at 20:03

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I was at WOW Beauty Salon in Tamani Hotel - Marina facing Westin Hotel, the male hairdressers there Roger & Bassel did a fantastic hair coloring and Hair Cut. I liked the way the girls were massaging my hands while at the cutting chair. Really their service is fabulous, you should see the facial treatment and the way they do my Foot SPA treatment. WOW !! those guys are professional and they know what they are doing .. I liked the nail dryers :) built inside the walls while I am watching my favorite TV Show. Next time I go to Dubai I will call them for an appointment before I take off from here. As they say WOW .. Let People Say it ... that's 100% true ... Ask my Husband ... he kept saying WOW ..

Posted by: Fran on 27 Sep ' 11 at 13:59

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Well, went to see Rami this morning and I am a happy lady! Firstly I was very impressed that he could fit me in at such short notice which was great. He took time to disuss my hair and what I wanted; his advice was clear and straight forward and the cut is great. I will defintely be going back for my colour when needed and so far would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. One thing I really liked was his understated approach, often when you go to new hairdressers they want to 'big up' your hair into a boufant, but I came away with a natural style and not trying to tuck it behind my ears etc. Lovely feel to the salon and surprisingly reasonable prices. Thanks Rami.

Posted by: Fran on 26 Sep ' 11 at 06:46

I've been in Dubai for 9years now and found a fabulous hairdresser in Carla at Hairworks Jumeirah. She was a great colourist and I went from mid-length to short, back to very long with her over the years. Unfortunately she left in May and i have been struggling to find someone new. I've been to T&G and came away very disappointed with both the cut and treatment of my hair. More recently I went on a recommendation to Jens and was again disappointed, poor colour and very average cut. Having looked at the reviews here, I think I may try Rami and see what he can do . . . . . watch this space!

Posted by: Fran on 26 Sep ' 11 at 06:26

I've been in Dubai for 9years now and found a fabulous hairdresser in Carla at Hairworks Jumeirah. She was a great colourist and I went from mid-length to short, back to very long with her over the years. Unfortunately she left in May and i have been struggling to find someone new. I've been to T&G and came away very disappointed with both the cut and treatment of my hair. More recently I went on a recommendation to Jens and was again disappointed, poor colour and very average cut. Having looked at the reviews here, I think I may try Rami and see what he can do . . . . . watch this space!

Posted by: Denise on 18 Sep ' 11 at 12:30

I just went to see Rami in his new location at the Address Hotel in the Marina Mall. The salon is gorgeous, the prices are affordable, and Rami was amazing. My hair looks and feels great.

I was stressed about getting my hair done in Dubai, as I've heard so many horror stories. Go see Rami and you'll be happy. He is a true professional.

Posted by: Denise on 18 Sep ' 11 at 11:26

I just went to see Rami in his new location at the Address Hotel in the Marina Mall. The salon is gorgeous, the prices are affordable, and Rami was amazing. My hair looks and feels great.

I was stressed about getting my hair done in Dubai, as I've heard so many horror stories. Go see Rami and you'll be happy. He is a true professional.

Posted by: Michele F on 17 Sep ' 11 at 07:51

I have been going to Rami for a year to have my hair cut, colored, blow-dried, extensions added/taken out and cannot recommend him more highly. He is a complete professional who I trust implicitly with my hair as he always does such a professional job.

He has recently moved to the gorgeous Jacques Le Coupe salon at the Address Hotel, Dubai Marina. Stunning salon, complimentary valet parking, Kerastase products and the best hairdresser I have ever had - heaven!

Posted by: Nourella on 09 Sep ' 11 at 08:08

i went to chill salon in media citty as some freind mention it and iv been seen by khaled the senior stylist there . and for first time in dubai i had a prober consultation in salon he explain to me what sort of color that i have and show me the posible choice that iv got and finally gaive me his oppinion > he wass so qwick and cive me very nice highlights and cut withen tow and half hwer . ill be back for sure

Posted by: Angelica Dee on 03 Sep ' 11 at 08:26

can i have the number of Pretty wolf in Mankool....

Posted by: Lea on 28 Aug ' 11 at 16:57

I've been going to Hairworks in JBR for 2years now. My hairdressers name is Nabiha and she is just amazing! I've been blonde and now brunette and everyone always comments on how great my haircut and colour is! Try her!

Posted by: Pooja on 21 Aug ' 11 at 16:44

I am amazed at how some one can say for Sera!!! I have been a regular at Sera and have been soo happy. Not everyone can like a hair dresser but they are not as bad as to give reviews. And regarding their prices, they are on the higher end but you have to pay for the price that is in the area or else there are many salons in karama and even in JLt who give offer for 150 for 10 services. I have had no complains even for my waxing and nails. I work in the building and stay in Jafliya, but still use Sera as they are GOOD!!!!

Posted by: Lorainne on 18 Aug ' 11 at 18:56

Who ever says Sera is not good has a motive behind I guess. I went to Sera on Monday, 15th Aug and had the best experience. I got the 50% off and to top it all, because it was my birthday, they gave me the manicure and pedicure for free. I loved them and they are soo worth the price you pay for the service you get. Went thru mu gonabit voucher and am really happy with the service and price

Posted by: shilpa on 16 Aug ' 11 at 10:29

I swear by Sam at the Hair Shop, Trade centre apartments! I dont trust anyone else..

Posted by: rosalind on 15 Aug ' 11 at 17:42

never go to sera beauty lounge the owner itself posts praises about her saloon.the worst saloon just done up well.......ppl just waiting to make money there .they use the worst shampoos and colours on clients just go and have a watch at their back wash ugly!

Posted by: Samira on 11 Aug ' 11 at 03:52

I've been in Dubai for a year and a half, and have failed to find a good quality, professional hair salon. After hearing good things about Chill Salon, I decided to check it out for myself. I was seen by Rami, who completely transformed my multi-coloured, dry brittle hair, into beautiful shiny, healthy hair whilst creating a gorgeous colour. Rami is incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated and professional, he was able to create amazing results with my difficult hair. I'm so happy with the end result, I recommend everyone pays a visit to the Chill Salon!

Posted by: Therese on 10 Aug ' 11 at 16:34

Here is another vote for Chill Salon. I had a cut, blowdry and colour done by Rami. He was fantastic.I am thrilled with the results. Beautiful, serene decor with professional service. I will definately be back.

Posted by: Farah on 05 Aug ' 11 at 05:31

After a lot of search and research that took weeks, one capable hairdresser Rami at chill salon - I've been in Dubai for 6 years never dared to change anything in my hair in Dubai cause hairdressers weren't even cable of a simple trim?! But I needed a complete change badly so I googled the hairdresser with only positive feedback and I took a chance with Rami, went from long to very short hair with highlights; the cut was perfect for my face and my lifestyle the color amanzinly beautiful and natural, I've been getting compliments for the past 2 weeks and i work in fashion luxury and even I had a lady stop me to ask me where I had my hair done - Rami is extremely talented and smart - take an appointment and ask for Rami 0502866753

Posted by: Rachna on 04 Aug ' 11 at 07:25

Ah Maria Dowling must really be good because last time I called to book for an appointment The girl wasn't even interested in giving me one as they were fully booked for the next two months.
I asked her to give me a date that was free after the 2 months, which she did reluctantly. When I called to check two months later there was no record of my booking! Ha very professional!
Off my list as pricey and snobbish and wanna be intimidating, last place to take your hair to.

a good place is Hair Shop (trade centre apartments), you feel at ease and the cuts are great, will usually match what you and the stylist discuss :)

Tony and Guy overrated, they talk big but your cut comes out average.

don't know how these guys came up with this list! I think they just go by the rate card- "its expensive, must be good" All I hear is bad stuff about frank provost.

Posted by: Jonny on 10 Jul ' 11 at 19:29

After 4 years of living in Dubai. I decided to put it on myself to book my wife and I a hair appointment. From the start of been in Dubai, I have hated when the time comes for my wife to go for her hair done, as it always ends in tears. So this time thought we would go together. After speaking to a few friends and looking on the net I decided to book at Chill salon. After calling we where booked in with Luke. It was a little strange when getting there as we had to sit in different salons. 1st Luke cut my hair and instead of my wife waiting, put a complementary conditioner on her hair. When I was finished I sat in the resturant next to the salon nervously waiting for my wife. A good hour later my wife came out with a smile from ear to ear. She is over the moon with the cut she got and will definently be back. Also my hair looked pretty good.

Posted by: Neenah on 12 May ' 11 at 08:19

Dont go for hair services at Sera lounge as the only female stylist there is horrid and makes up the prices so you don't actually get 50pc off. Be expected to pay an extra 150dhs for a toner after bleach highlights which all other salons include as it's part of highlights. My Mani and pedi were fine as was my friends massage. Just don't get your hair done there.

Posted by: gill on 08 May ' 11 at 06:57


I have appointment for sera's beauty lounge as on monday mornings u get 50% off all services and really dont want to continue paying 1200 dhs at salon ink. I saw some gr8 posts about them online and that is why I decided to give them a go as I have also had some very bad experiences like everyone else. I was wondering if anyone could let me know if they do highlights / colour in the correct way and cut only a small amount off?

Posted by: Lama on 26 Apr ' 11 at 04:33

I went to the Sera Beauty Lounge yesterday to do my highlights and keratine... It was the best hair of my life. Never imagined would have such good hair. To top it all, she convinced me to buy extensions and i told her I wanna try and if I like them, I will buy which she agreed to. MY HAIR LOOKS STUNNING and I am ready for my Wedding!!!!! Infact I also did trial for hir up and that too was soo good unfortunately, I am getting married in Greece. So no Hair do's.

They are amazing... and highly recomended

Posted by: Hayat on 21 Apr ' 11 at 14:14

I don't recommend Jen's Hair Studio Salon to anyone. Trust me you don't wanna sacrifice your hair. Aweful job! I wonder how its been rated one of Dubai's best salon, it is actually one of the worst.

Posted by: fiona on 20 Apr ' 11 at 08:20

I saw a few comments about Sera Lounge in Media City. Did anyone have any bad experiences. So far, everything sounds good about them and am thinking of making an appointment. If anyone thinks its bad, please do tell.. I already had a few experiences and my hair can't bear another..

Posted by: Aparna on 01 Apr ' 11 at 14:49

I went to Cherry Blossom in Le meridien for color and wasnt happy. The color has gone on my scalp and keeps coming off on clothes.

Posted by: soha h on 01 Apr ' 11 at 01:41

Thanx guys for the advices . I will try studio 1 in jumeira and let u know the feedback..

Posted by: Lama on 24 Mar ' 11 at 08:10

I was going to fitness first when I saw this Sera Beauty Lounge. what an amazing salon.... I had this hair dresser called Faten who did my color, highlights and I was simply amazed at the job she did. I have afro/european hair and no one could gimme the sunkissed color I wanted and she got it in the first attempt... After my hair was damaged by many hair salon's in Dubai. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! Highly recomended. I also was very happy with their nail services. Infact was glad to know they do home service also.

Posted by: Karen on 21 Feb ' 11 at 15:54

Was in Studio One , Beach Plaza Center Jumeirah, today for highlights and blow-dry , amazing.
Very happy with the result and the price that I paid. Thank you Thanya! Great job!

Posted by: Lama on 14 Feb ' 11 at 14:48

I've just come back from Sera Beauty Lounge in Media city... veryyyy impressive. Did a keratine treatment, and my friend did color and highlight. We also did our nails and facial and to our surprise, we were offered a 50% discount as they are offering this discount to customers on sunday and monday. Amazing, as we only paid 1500 instead of 3000 for the whole works. We would not mind paying 3000 as the job was done so well. I completely recommend this place. WORTH IT AND CLEAN!! Rare in Dubai

Posted by: Sne on 31 Jan ' 11 at 17:12

I highly recommend Rami at the Chill salon. I've been living in Dubai for the past 7 years and can honestly say that Rami by far beats everyone I dealt with so far. His approach is very personal and professional at the same time. I walked into the salon with worse than horrible hair colour and pretty bad cut. After an hour with Rami, my hair was transformed. I walked out with gorgeous colour and a cut that is easy to style and keep up with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Posted by: Hoda on 19 Nov ' 10 at 21:57

Dose anyone know where i can get a NICELYYYY hair up do style ? i have tried in many saloons in Dubai but they either put too much hair spray which turns my hair to a pcs of stone or they come out with something totally different to what you show them in the pic ... they work on you without any experience.
i like a hairstyle that looks natural on me.

any suggestions?

Posted by: foxy lady on 14 Nov ' 10 at 14:47

I went to Sharon in SJB hair salon in Al Nasr Leisureland, oud metha Road behind the American Hospital, is tucked away in the pool area but such a little gem find , A British stylist who is very knowledgelable who i found listened to what i wanted and does what you ask. Their is also a Sri Lankan girl there great at doing colours. Ive had my fair share of disasters so i definatly wont be going anywhere else.

One Salon i would definatly spread the word to go to

Posted by: Kathy on 14 Nov ' 10 at 05:35

Went to Pretty Wolf Hair and Nail Saloon at Mankool. Got a real nice colour done. Noticed they do wigs too. Place was exceptionally clean. Was tempted to try their manicure / pedicure because it was super clean.

Posted by: Lorainne on 30 Oct ' 10 at 12:07

I went to this salon in Radisson Blu in media city... They were crap. Not worth the money they charge and my hair was damaged and dry... I also did my highlights which made my hair look more zebra like..

Posted by: Saisha on 28 Oct ' 10 at 10:25

There is an amazing hairdresser in Media city called Sera beauty lounge and they have really good hairdressers. I went for my color and cut with the guy who is there- i think he was called wissam or wassim. I found him stylish and attentive. They have a british and an indian hairdresser as well in case you feel more comfortable and their rates are quite reasonable. I would surely recommend them.
They even offer mobile hairdressing (04-4380191).

Posted by: Cathy on 17 Oct ' 10 at 04:38

Does anyone know of a good mobile hairdresser - it's so time consuming travelling to salons and expensive when your vehicle is off the road.

All info greatly appreciated

Posted by: Cherie on 13 Jul ' 10 at 06:38

I had the worst experience in my life at Roots Salon, I have been more then pleased with Salon Ink - professional, talented , freindly, knowledgeable, great service and nice coffee. All the ingredients I look for....

Posted by: Carolina on 25 Jun ' 10 at 17:01

i had a great experience after having my color done at Studio One in Beach Park Plaza. Lady was very professional, listen to me and i got exactly what i wanted. happy to recommendem 3428040

Posted by: aarti on 22 Jun ' 10 at 13:55

Pretty wolf hair & nail saloon in Mankhool has the best service in dubai !

Posted by: Maryam on 22 May ' 10 at 17:25

couldn't agree more, Nirvana hairdresser in Garhoud is top notch! she is sweet, experienced and i have always been grateful recommending her work to my friends, everyone was happy, its a blessing when you could trust someone as a hairdresser in Dubai!

Posted by: Anoushka on 02 Apr ' 10 at 15:31

The only acceptable and decent saloon I ve been to in Dubai is Juice which is located in Mankool.
Ive been there at numerous occasions and always walked out with a big smile on my face.Personally I find Tony & Guy way out of budget and not worth it at all.Its extremely sad that all the hair dressers at Juice will be at Dubai fashion week starting tommrow morning...and Im only in town till Monday morning...

Posted by: Katie on 08 Mar ' 10 at 11:05

the only hairdresser i've been to is the one in the hilton opposite JBR...its okay...if you dont mind leaving with hair twice the volume it was when you entered. they didnt do my parting correctly...the whole thing was just not a good experience...

I'm now trying to find a decent hairdressers to go to as I need to have my colour done...but i dread to think what would happen if I went back there...please help me ladies!

Posted by: jenn on 15 Jan ' 10 at 21:22

hands down best salon is nirvana spa in garhooud...amazing service and the hair dresser there been doin it for years. shes top notch

Posted by: Rosey Cunningham on 24 Nov ' 09 at 11:08

I have been to sooo many hairdressers here in Dubai. The only decent one was Vianco, which moved.

Posted by: Carolina on 24 Aug ' 09 at 11:30

For all those who are disppointed recently with their hair color or massage, you should all try new place in Beach Park Plaza in Jumeira 1, Studio One is place that gave me a perfect blond color, nice cut and professional approach. Perfect massage and facial.

Posted by: Natasha on 22 Jun ' 09 at 21:09

I was going to do extentions on Sheik Zaid road there are 3 salon's,
would you please suggest...

Posted by: Monika on 22 Jun ' 09 at 17:29

Going to a hairdresser is sometimes more difficult than going to a dentist... mainly when you are having thin blond hair :-(
@Jenny: seems that you are satisfied with Graham. Does the Roots salon have a webpage?

Posted by: Alison on 18 Jun ' 09 at 10:07

How about you do an article on BAD hairdressers? That would be much more interesting than the promo type reviews seen here.
There are some horrendus salons here in Dubai & a lot of them are VERY well known. Perhaps ask the readers to submit their nightmare stories, you'll be inundated! For example: i went to a very well known hair extension salon on Shk.Zayed Road. Within a week the extensions were falling out, the owner said it was nothing to do with them & that I must have maltreated the hair. BULL - I have been having hair extensions since they were invented back in the 80's & have never had such bad work done. It's no laughing matter when these people are charging upwards of Dhs3500 for the job!!!

Posted by: Jenny on 17 Jun ' 09 at 15:43

I also completely disagree! I have also had a terrible experiance in 3 of the above salons - Tony and Guy dried my hair out and charged me a fortune for a treatment. I walked out of Salon Ink with a wonky fringe, never to return! And was stalked by one of the Frank Provost stylist! After 5 years in Dubai I can vouch for the fact that Graham at the Roots salon in the Fairmont hotel is the only hair dresser worth going to.

Posted by: Claire J on 05 Jun ' 09 at 06:51

I completely disagree about Jen's Salon, she was rude and unprofessional.

Me and my friend had a number of treatments, cuts and colours done one afternoon. We both came out disappointed to the extent of tears. When we approached Jen her once welcoming and freindly attitude turned hostile and aggressive.

I would not let anyone who I know go to this salon.

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