In keeping with its place in the Wafi Pyramids building, Carter’s has a vaguely Egyptian theme, inasmuch as there are fake mummies in glass cabinets as you enter, and there’s a bit of spiel about an explorer on the menu. The rest of the decor feels more colonial Asian, with the wafting ceiling fans, and dark wood and marble bar. The central area of Carter’s is normally a convivial, if occasionally posy, spot, with a crowd entertained by a house band most evenings. To the sides there are low, comfy armchairs that create a relaxing atmosphere for diners.

There is also a pleasant, shaded terrace, which becomes popular in the cooler months. The menu offers higher-end bar food, such as tender lamb shanks that fall apart with the first touch of a fork, and a leek and pancetta risotto that makes a hearty starter. Other options include wok-tossed tiger prawns, steaks and satays. In particular, the grilled fillet of beef with goat’s-cheese mash is delicious, while the pan-seared sea bream with tomato and caper relish proves equally satisfying. Service is courteous and attentive, so casual diners can enjoy a pleasant meal at this low-key bar.