Jumeirah Beach Hotel sells Uptown Bar as ‘understated elegance’. Quite why they didn’t just use the tagline ‘Crikey, it’s got a cracking view!’ we’re not sure. Because it does – probably our favourite view in Dubai, to be honest. Stepping out of the cosy interior bar – which itself has a fine view of the Burj Al Arab – and onto the balcony, you’ll find yourself gazing down at an extraordinary panoramic view of Jumeirah, with roads receding to a vanishing point and the Burj Dubai and the Sheikh Zayed Road skyline glowing on the horizon.

But come back at night and it’s even more extraordinary, as the city becomes an abstract drawing in fluorescent light. It’s hard to capture the effect on camera, so we suggest you see it for yourself. The food is all excellent stuff made with fine ingredients. But it’s also extremely expensive for what you get. Still, Uptown Bar isn’t really somewhere you go purely to eat; it’s there for al fresco chinwagging, soaking in an extraordinary view and showing off to visiting relatives. And on those counts, it’s flawless.