We feel a bit sorry for The Terrace at Media Rotana Dubai (not to be mistaken for The Park Hyatt’s own splendid Terrace, or any of the other half-dozen bars with ‘terrace’ in their name. So much effort has gone into this venture. The promo material promises ‘the funkiest lounge bar in town’ and the entrance has great big posters espousing its loveliness. And indeed, the wide bar, comfy seats and copious shisha do seem awfully welcoming, as do the friendly staff. The food is all perfectly sound and the drink prices aren’t bad at all.

But – and it’s a but so big that even Sir Mix-a-lot couldn’t get behind it – The Terrace is utterly crippled by its location. Media Rotana Dubai is found out in the wilds of Al Barsha, miles away from most Dubaians, and too far out to justify a trip. The views from the al fresco bar are of sand, construction sites and tarmac, while the hotel’s swimming pool is just feet away from the dining area. This is, despite the bold PR, just another poolside hotel bar. Bad luck, chaps.