Blends’ USP is that it offers ‘three innovative experiences in one stylish setting’. Make your way around the twisty, contorted venue (is there a rule that all Address hotels must be labyrinthine and counterintuitive?) and you’ll see that it is indeed stylish. High-backed leather chairs, crystal candelabras and colourful modern-art sculptures lend the place a vibe that’s simultaneously classy and fun, and while the now-standard background house music is occasionally a little loud, it’s still an attractive, comfortable place to chat with friends.

Innovative, though… Well, if you think the idea of a cigar bar, lounge and cocktail bar in one venue counts as ‘innovative’, then fair play, but, conceptually speaking, there’s little here to differentiate it from similar bars in Dubai. It’s expensive, too – you’re looking at Dhs42 for a pint – but that’s to be expected from a five-star Marina hotel. Food-wise, the bar snacks are far from easy on the wallet, but if you pay the money you’ll find yourself satisfied with some genuinely delicious morsels.

Ultimately, Blends is another of the city’s upmarket bars. And while there isn’t much innovation here, it does have a charm and style that few others manage to drum up.