There are plenty of English-style pubs in Dubai, with all the oak fittings, low lighting and grumbling Brit expats that this implies. But Double Decker is one of the few English themed pubs. With its proliferation of red phone boxes, fake suits of armour, double-decker bus signs (do you see what they did there?) and flashing, UK-style traffic lights, the room looks like a fever dream of an English holiday. This isn’t a bad thing – it’s one of the few down-to-earth bars that has enough of a ‘wow’ factor to make it presentable to visitors.

That wouldn’t count for much, of course, if the rest of the bar wasn’t up to snuff. But thankfully Double Decker provides a solidly satisfying experience, as well as a memorable environment. The service, in particular, is always polite and efficient, even when the bar is close to buckling under the strain of the weekend mob (though we’ve found the size of the crowds to be pretty variable over the past couple of months, so you may have no problems).

The food is far better than you’d expect, especially when you consider it focuses on the British, a notoriously cack-handed bunch when it comes to fine dining. The atmosphere, too, is good on weekends, with some cheesy Anglo-centric tunes providing the backdrop to much happy revelry. Even the workmanlike terrace isn’t a bad place to hang out. Double Decker is never going to be one of Dubai’s classiest venues, but it’s a consistently great pub and has remained a local favourite for years, with good reason.