Swathed in chocolate-brown hues and populated by rustic-looking arrangements of stools and bar tables (at least in the bar – the dining area is decked out slightly differently), this Mexican-themed spot is still one of Jumeirah’s most chic watering holes.

Avoiding the classic Dubai trap of trying too hard to stand out, Loca feels authentic in every respect – and we particularly enjoy the draught taps on the tables. Even more unusual is that it seems to be a place for all manner of occasions; the work do, drinks with friends, a casual date, a birthday… Even as things get busier, staff still maintain a cheerful demeanour and keep up the good service.

Though of a good quality and pleasant taste, the grape is a little on the pricey side; the same could be said for the draught beverages, though it should be noted that there’s a reasonably wide selection of each to choose from.

During our visit, a quick glance at the snacks menu, packed with delicious-sounding South American dishes, had us salivating like rottweilers; we opted for a quick nibble in the shape of tortilla chips and guacamole. The latter, created at our table with freshly scooped avocado and freshly diced vegetable bits and herbs, was a huge hit and we were reluctant to leave for our dinner reservation. Next time, we’ve no intention of leaving the rest of Loca’s menu unexplored.