It takes a lot to put a smile on our miserable faces, and even more to render us speechless with delight. So we’d like to offer hearty congratulations to the people behind The One&Only Royal Mirage’s new bar, The Jetty Lounge, because we were nothing short of mesmerised by the discovery of this new watering hole.

A short walk along the beach through the Palace segment of the hotel, it’s as though someone ordered a chic European lounge that was accidentally delivered to the beach. But it works, and it’s better than anything we’ve laid eyes on this year. Miraculously, there wasn’t a pretentious idiot in sight during our visit; instead we joined a sprinkling of the post-work crowd and a few tourists soaking up the twilight and excellent drinks – even the cheapest grape on the menu is delicious. So civilised is this spot, even teetotallers won’t feel intimidated.

It’s exactly as we’d imagine an Ibiza for grown-ups would look: comfy corner sofas and loungers, flickering candles and side-lighting (overhead lights are a sin against ambience), plus background Karma Kafé-esque chill-out tunes at just the right decibel.