The hotel may only have been open a couple of months, but Ibn Battuta Gate’s new venues are already comfortably busy. When visiting Moroc, its Moroccan-themed bar (bet you never guessed), give the indoor area of the bar a miss.

It’s almost pokey save for the incredibly high ceilings, which really only serve to exaggerate the spot’s mismatched proportions. Outdoors, the pleasantly-lit terrace gets surprisingly busy on week nights with both hotel guests and walk-ins, so you may find yourself sat on the sprawling shisha deck. Tackling the impressively thick drinks menu will take some time – there are pages and pages of grape options, a handful devoted purely to mixed drinks and a few more listing the various snack choices.

While the prices are agreeable enough, the location is not exactly ideal, and there’s no view (unless you count the Ibn Battuta balloon going up and down all night). The fact it doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary means this place is unlikely to become a destination bar – it best serves the Discovery Gardens residents, who’ve surely waited long enough to get a local.