If you’ve been keeping track of our Eating Out reviews over the past few weeks, you’ll already be aware that the new Ritz-Carlton in DIFC is under-inhabited, to say the least. Much like a large chunk of the office space surrounding it (from which it’s almost indiscernable), this hotel is struggling to entice much traffic.

Unfortunately, it’s not hard to see why – this city boasts so many stunning five-star hotels that when you walk into one that resembles a conference centre, your keen anticipation deflates as fast as an untied balloon. The bar itself, No.5 Lounge, is not offensive by any means, it’s just rather unremarkable, and better suited to HR meetings on the company credit card than a drink with friends. There’s a whole book of drinks to choose from, including a surprisingly international variety of hoppy beverages, and a great selection of cigars – it’s just a shame you can’t actually smoke them inside this particular bar.

The ‘bar bites’, contrary to what the name suggests, are more like meals, and there are few wallet-friendly options (we couldn’t find anything for less than Dhs50), which means those on a budget will have to make do with the free nuts.