It’s odd that a hotel named after the ancient Phoenician city of Byblos should be home to such a quintessentially British pub. True to its name, The Crown & Lion looks as though it has more in common with Bedfordshire in the UK than Byblos – a good thing providing you are a fan of: a) pub games (one pool table and two dart boards: check), b) tasty pub grub (ham, egg and chips: check), and c) sports (flatscreen TV at every turn: check). On top of this, The Crown & Lion has plenty of drinks and food promotions throughout the week (it’s rib night on Wednesday, hooray!), a Friday brunch (Dhs120 for five pints and a meal of your choosing), an affordable happy hour each evening (half-price drinks from 6pm to 9pm), and a quiz night. Considering that we’ll be skulking into the shadows come summer, we can’t think of many better places to escape the heat than here.