Is it a lounge? Is it a restaurant? No, it’s Amika, which is a bit of both: a lounge-slash-restaurant, if you will. Amika is very similar in concept to neighbouring Okku, but whereas its Japanese-themed counterpart is primarily a restaurant, Amika’s club is the main event. Those familiar with the brand will know that Amika is a London export: the original is in High Street Kensington, heartland of deck shoes and trust funds.

The Dubai incarnation, while mercifully absent of preening public school boys, ticks all the right boxes for a high-end disco in that it’s dark, has plenty of sizeable bottles behind the bar (doubtless served with some sort of sparkly firework) and an elevated VIP area that’s not only cordoned off by a velvety rope, but features three massive thrones in which important clubbers can sit and laud it over the riff raff. Of course, the slick décor would be nothing without a bit of atmosphere, which is provided by nightly theme events, from ’80s and ’90s Sundaze (on Sundays, get it?) to the requisite ladies’ night.