Stylish-enough Centro Barsha bar C.Mondo faces an uphill struggle to attract regular drinkers to supplement the current clientele made up mostly of hotel guests. It’s hard not to notice how isolated the hotel looks on approach to the lonely, low-rise tower, which is surrounded on either side by almost absolutely nothing.

The bar’s linear layout and mirrored walls on either side do little to make you forget you’re sitting in the lobby of a hotel and, while the decor is pleasant (except for some dubious animal-skin cushions), it feels a little sterile. Staff are friendly, if inattentive at times, and drinks are reasonably priced. But we advise that you eat before you set out to C.Mondo, or dine in one of the hotel’s restaurants, rather than order from a bar snacks menu that is barely an afterthought. On our visit, the chips were undercooked and the chicken strips were overdone.

You’ll get nothing in C.Mondo that you won’t find in any other hotel lobby bar in Dubai. But should you find yourself heading to Barsha, this isn’t the worst place to stop off for a quiet drink or two – nor is it the best.