There’s no arguing with the claim that this is a sports bar. With glowing screens mounted onto every wall, you’d have to actively try not to learn more about any number of games involving a ball during your visit. But don’t expect to be greeted by typical, grubby pub features in a badly-lit room – it’s clean and bright in here, and the atmosphere is better described as muted rather than rowdy. Yes, there are a few, predominantly male expats who are in want of a shower and a shave, but the tables they’re draped over are painstakingly polished wood, and though a number of said tables are barrels (hence the name), it’s not as twee as you might imagine.

What could look as if an interior designer had gone mad at a timber yard sale (it’s not only the tables that are wood, it’s everything; benches, floor, even the wall cladding) winds up being rather homely, though we do doubt many people have miniature TVs mounted at the end of their dinner tables. Drinks arrive swiftly with a smile from the bar staff, who appear grateful for something to do on quieter evenings, and though we didn’t have time to stick around for a pub dinner, we vowed to return for a go at the hot apple dessert we spotted being enjoyed on the table next to us. Sports bar purists may not find Barrels dark and smoky enough, but it’s nice to see clichés fly out the window once in a while.