In case the team ties, mounted cricket bats and other sporting paraphernalia don’t quite get the message across, the centrepiece – a gigantic, glowing TV screen – is a clear signal that this place is determined to be a sports bar. Given it’s a relative newcomer to the scene, you may be surprised how hard it can be to get a table, even when there are only small matches on, so arrive early if you want to find a comfortable spot.

And you’d better make sure you get comfortable, because it’s likely to be a near age before you manage to catch the eye of any one of the painfully inattentive staff. As for food, expect the usual suspects, several with the prefix ‘sport’ for no immediately obvious reason, other than to act as another reassurance of the type of bar The Huddle is making absolutely certain it is.

That said, the fish and chips are decent, and the drinks are more reasonably priced than most other pubs inviting you to watch a game. Another upside is that the staff have no interest in pestering you for your next drinks order, so you can enjoy the match with fewer interruptions than at home. Score!