There aren’t many places in the world where you can soak up all the atmosphere of the seaside, while lying on a sun lounger in the midst of the tallest building in the world. Recently reopening after the summer months, The Address’s Cabana offers just that. Everything about the bar – down to shady decking and the staff’s lifeguard-inspired polo shirts – makes you feel like you’re by the sea. You can practically taste the salt water. But remove your shades, glance upwards and glimpse the Burj Khalifa towering overhead, and you’ll realise you’re hovering in the midst (well, on the third floor terrace) of one of the fastest-growing cities on the globe.

But does the bar live up to its privileged spot? Well, yes, just about. The drinks menu, while not exactly an exercise in blue-sky thinking or reckless ambition, is well stocked, while the food is reasonable in price and quality, with a fair choice of classic salads, burgers, pizzas and meats. Plus the staff are generally friendly and efficient, so three big ticks there.

Views and vibes aside, the real standout is the music. Recently introducing new resident DJ Richie, on our last midweek visit we were spellbound by his tasteful approach, seamlessly rolling old-school, bass-heavy funk into chillout lounge grooves, soulful house and even a dash of hip hop. At weekends, Afterdark (Thursdays) and Sunset People (Fridays) get behind the decks.