If there’s one thing that summers in Dubai were designed for, it’s drinking, eating and watching as much sport as is humanly possible. It gets so addictive that sports you previously considered to be as mundane as daytime Dubai radio have now become firm favourites. It’s with open arms, then, that we embrace the latest – and according to the management – biggest sports bar to grace Dubai.

Tucked away near the Maktoum bridge roundabout in the not-quite-ready-yet Ramee Royal Hotel, it holds pool tables, two private rooms, a dining area and a Cheers-style bar. With more televisions per square inch than Mike TV’s dream living room, and with a range of seating (there are beanbags, high chairs, tables and bar stools), you’re never short of a good view. And while the main sports like football and cricket take precedence, on our visit they happily embraced badminton, both rugby codes, Formula One and tennis.

The place is also ENORMOUS – so big in fact that the back-lit sports stars that adorn the walls could easily spring to life, throw a three-point swish/hit the final run/score the winning goal in front of you without hampering your viewing room. Of course, this is aided by the fact the bar was virtually deserted on our visit (it was karaoke night, which could well explain it). But with decent pub grub (the sizzling fajitas are enough for two people) great service and all the sport you could ever want to watch, it won’t be quiet for long.