Singapore has one that’s nearly a century old; Long Island’s came about during prohibition; The Pisco sour, meanwhile, contains a blend of eggs and lemon – strange but lipsmackingly true – and is the Peruvian national drink. Dubai, however, for all its global posturing and column inches, has only recently been blessed with its own signature drink, courtesy of the pioneering mixologists of Raffles Dubai.

A take on the classic gin-infused Singapore sling, the Dubai sling is a sharp, crisp cocktail served over Titanic mounds of ice and contains, among other things, chili and sage-infused liqueur and fig jam. The bar housing this Dubai cocktail is a Balinese inspired indoor/outdoor affair called Crossroads. A sumptuous affair boasting an extensive (and expensive) array of drinks, the bar offers over 45 specialist rums and tequilas which we’re assured are unique to Dubai.

And with panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline outside, plus a cosy semi-circle bar at which you can strike up a conversation with one of the highly knowledgeable bar-staff inside, there are plenty of distractions. Which is just as well, really – anything you can do to keep your mind off your spiralling bar tab is a must: A glass of the cheapest bubbly here costs Dhs105, and the most basic cocktail will leave you Dhs50 poorer.

Not that this will discourage Dubai’s flashpack. When we visited we were one of only five people in there. Now that the hotel is fully operational, that should all change very quickly.