Trader Vic’s has carved out a niche for itself in Dubai; there’s a branch at the Madinat and another over at the Crowne Plaza, while the world’s second Mai-Tai Lounge – an extension of the Trader Vic’s brand – has just opened its doors in Dubai Marina.

The new Tiki bar, located on the first floor of the Al Fattan Oasis Beach Towers, is bigger and brighter than its siblings, but there’s still nothing authentic about it in the slightest. Still the great tasting cocktails will no doubt delight drinkers.

The signature Mai Tai, invented by Victor Bergeron (the brains behind the Tiki bar chain), is always a wise choice, as is the rum rich Samoan Fog Cutter. To eat, there are some edible – if overpriced – Asian bar snacks and, later on in the evening, all eyes will be drawn to the excellent Cuban band performing sassy salsa sounds on stage.

All told, Mai Tai is a great place to go for a few lively drinks, if not a quiet intimate chat. Arguably, the only downside is the prices. See how high that ceiling is? Chances are you’ll be presented with a bill to match.