It’s not often you see the name Movida without the word ‘celeb’ perched either side: every muttering of the three syllables seems to call to mind a slew of tabloid tales of inebriated exclusive excess. No doubt you’ve already heard about the infamous visits of Kate Moss, Jay-Z and Beyoncé to the club’s London base – what chance does its baby brother in Dubai have of measuring up?

In terms of décor, we have to say they’ve got it right. The club boasts the same sleek purple furnishings and neon glow as its Soho sister, and the large velvety-padded seats and attentive staff exude excess. Instead of a collective dancefloor, each booth has its own floor-lit platform; yet while it’s desperately exclusive, it doesn’t look like much fun.

It’s undeniable that by transporting such a renowned brand to a second location, founder Marc Merran risks dulling its exclusivity. Yet as a decadent invention for the world’s most moneyed, we were, quite frankly, half expecting to hate this place – but came away strangely enchanted.