In a city that often favours the mainstream when it comes to drinking options, I2 makes an unexpectedly offbeat change. The unashamedly prosaic surroundings of the lobby at The Metropolitan may not look like a portal to anywhere in the remotest bit interesting, but take a swift about turn when you hit the reception desk, duck downstairs through a badly marked entrance and you’ll soon find yourself in altogether more eccentric venue.

The succession of rubbish thrillers that dominate the schedules at Dubai’s multiplexes may not suggest a city-wide affinity with the work of David Lynch, but the oeuvre of the famously twisted director seems to have been a major influence on the décor here.

Deep red walls, white leather chairs and sofas, a low ceiling and miniature dimensions combine to imbibe the place with a surreally intimate atmosphere – think Alice Through The Looking Glass with added alcopops. The looped songs by Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey and other mainstream bores take an edge off the aura somewhat, but if you can tune out the tunes, this weird new kid on the block will likely work its beguiling charms on you.