This is indeed a welcome addition to JBR. We’ve always been surprised (and ever so slightly frustrated) by the lack of beach-based bars accessible from The Walk, with the bulk of drinkers sliced into two groups: the casual crew at The Hilton’s Wavebreaker, while more image-conscious types are found at the Habtoor Grand’s XL Beach Club. But things are set to change with this ultra-overhaul of the Sheraton’s own in-house bar.

While not quite living up to its ambitious name, Bliss Lounge is a delight. Pitching itself somewhere between the cultured chill-out sensibilities of Jetty Lounge and the beach-rave of XL, it’s pleasant but pumping; we haven’t experienced a dancefloor in full flow, but you wouldn’t be out of place breaking out a few moves.

It boasts a stylishly bare decor: sleek white, grey and mauve furnishings lighten the inviting semicircular, beach-facing rim that forms the bar’s heart. Best of all, the area stretching onto the sand is decked, so unlike a night at rival beach bars, you won’t be picking sand out of your shoes for weeks afterwards.