Despite being one of the city’s best equipped live music venues, following a facelift and an overhaul of its sound system (right down to moving the bar to ensure the acoustics were just right), The Music Room is still yet to garner the following it rightly deserves. Time and time again, we’re left baffled by the relatively low regular turnout, despite the breadth of local talent often showcased in the low-lit, high ceilinged nightspot. Whether you catch Marwan on Jam Night or a few tracks from the in-house band, Urban, there’s no doubting there’s much to be celebrated here, particularly as the venue has long-since expanded its former more rock-centric music policy. But the sparseness of the crowd jars with the volume at which the music blares out. The most obvious solution is to offer the kind of incentives Dubai’s crowds respond to: more drinks deals and a wider variety of regular theme nights. And if you’re looking for a bite to eat, don’t be shy: the grub’s good, no matter whether you’ve ordered nachos or something that more resembles a square meal. Overall, The Music Room still has heaps of untapped potential. With the right strategy, there’s every chance the venue could stand head and shoulders above the rowdy rest.