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We are put through our paces at Gold and Diamond Park gym

Symmetry Gym
The gym
Located next to More Café in the Gold and Diamond Park, Symmetry Gym had a soft opening late last year, but is now flexing its muscles, ready to take on the mountain of competition in Dubai. The venue is relatively unique thanks to its personal training-only offering, and the complete absence of cardio equipment in the gym.

The promise
By signing up for personal training, Symmetry promises 100 percent tailor-made programmes based on observations made during a consultation and body movement assessment. You will also receive nutrition coaching to coincide with the physical training. The emphasis here is on reprogramming the mind towards long-term, sustainable improvements to help you change your life, rather than losing 6kg in two weeks and then falling off the wagon completely.

Step by step
On arrival, I fill out a form declaring any goals (weight loss, reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass and so on), as well as describing the kind of exercise I normally undertake. I’m then introduced to Symmetry owner and head coach Amir Siddiqui. After asking me to stand and squat with my arms in various positions, he points out my shoulders are lopsided (possibly due to always carrying bags on my right shoulder) and that there is strain and tightness in my upper back, caused by sitting at a desk for an excessive amount of time. According to Amir, we shouldn’t sit for more than three hours a day, and should stand and move at least every 15 minutes. My current lifestyle could leave me with some serious back problems.

He then asks me to pick an area I’d like to work on. After opting for my core, he puts me through a series of squats, press-ups and planks, before handing me a 4kg medicine ball to bounce and lift over my head. We repeat all of the activities for between 10 and 20 reps, before I’m finally instructed to bear crawl across the room twice.

The result
After only 30 minutes, I’m tired and can feel the strain in my muscles. Amir tells me this is good: he explains that as soon as an exercise starts to become easy, it’s time to try something else.

• Sessions are one on one and highly personalised. Amir even suggests running isn’t good for my body shape as I have wide hips.
• It’s a small gym, so it doesn’t feel like a battery farm.
• All the staff here are impressively knowledgeable, and ask questions about every aspect of my lifestyle.
• Don’t expect to be shouted at, bootcamp-style. Instead, you’ll get words of encouragement.


• Tailor-made training comes at a cost, and sessions aren’t cheap.

From Dhs250 per session. Quote ‘Time Out’ and get a week of personal training and assessment free until April 30. Building 5, Gold and Diamond Park, Sheikh Zayed Road (050 887 4707). Symmetry Gym
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By Holly Sands | 10 April 2012

Location: Al Quoz
Tel: 04 434 6479
Travel: Gold and Diamond Park, Sheikh Zayed Road
Times: Open Sun-Thu 7am-8pm
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  • adnan Jul 13, 2013 09:03 am
    It does not matter which ever gym you go if you have a proper training plan and nutrition plan you WILL get results. there is no most of the trainers here are qualified by REPS so they all have similar knowledge of exercising. No matter you workout like arnold if you diet is rubbish you can never achieve result.

    Being a personal trainer myself i know that how from 95 kg of weight on 5ft7 body i transformed to lean 60 kg a year and a half ago and now at present i am 78 Kg with 14% Body fat. its not that complicated as people think it is. a 5 kg dumbell is same in fitness first and a small gym in a corner of the street.
  • Marzia Ali May 05, 2013 03:20 pm
    I'm a Symmetry Gym addict! I have spent most of my life being extremely underweight. I tried numerous things to gain some pounds and inches, but all my efforts were in vain, until last year, when I discovered this vibrant gym (with awesome recommendations from a dear friend), tucked away in The Gold and Diamond Park, over-looking a serene courtyard.
    Symmetry Gym is a bespoke gym, where each client's workout is meticulously tailored to their specific needs, by the fitness Guru, Amir Siddiqui. The trainers are very friendly and dedicated. They're always there to lend a friendly ear. The minute you walk into the gym, you're met with enthusiastic 'hello's'. For me, it's me second home. It's not 'just a gym', it's a family. The Symmetry Family.
    It'e been six months since I've joined, and I've gained 5 kgs! My clothes fit better, I have a lots more energy, I'm a happier person, and I'm loving my newly acquired look! I absolutely enjoy training and dislike missing my sessions! I actually get super bored on my 'off' day!
    Symmetry Gym is without a doubt the best gym in the U.A.E. If you're reading this review and want to join a gym, don't think, just sign up, right now!
  • Pervez Karacasia Apr 29, 2013 06:51 pm
    Having lived in Dubai for the last 17 years I have put on a great deal of weight and trying to shed this has not been an easy task. To lose weight I have joined at least fifteen different gyms and worked with numerous personal trainers over the years and nothing has really worked, well at least nothing has been a permanent lifestyle change. I have tried everything but either the gym environment didn't suit or should I say motivate me, the personal trainer was not focussing on diet and exercise together or worst still I even recently encountered a personal trainer who was cramming in sessions just to make money. Therefore apart from losing dirhams on memberships and trainer fees the kilos just kept piling on.
    Something had to be done because 18 months ago my doctor informed me that my cholesterol and blood sugar level are border line and the only solution he prescribed was weight loss and to get fit. Once again my wife and I started our research to find a suitable gym or trainer. We stumbled upon Symmetry Gym through a friend of a close friend and after hearing very positive reviews from her I thought why not.
    Well after 10 weeks or so I can honestly say this is the best gym in Dubai without a doubt. I have lost around 9 kilos and inches off my waist. I am feeling so much fitter and my blood sugars have returned to normal levels, Alhamdulillah. The approach at Symmetry is very professional they provided me with an exercise and diet plan to follow. I haven't reached my ultimate weight yet but I'm confident that this won't be a problem being with Symmetry Gym. The trainers at the gym have really motivated me and also educated me about our eating habits. I would recommend this gym to anyone who wants to achieve positive lifestyle changes.
  • Lindsey Apr 09, 2013 07:56 am
    Before joining Symmetry Gym, I had not worked out with a personal trainer before… (I’m not counting those friends we all have who think they are personal trainers) so, I was very skeptical about whether this would work for me. However, I knew I wanted to make a change and in Symmetry I found a gym as dedicated to my success as I am. It only took a couple of weeks for me to notice changes, namely that I actually wanted to continue to go, which is unheard of for me! Everyone is really friendly (even first thing in the morning) and I noticed pretty quickly that I had more confidence than before I started. I’ve seen and heard the comments about the price at Symmetry, but when I think about all of the money I’ve spent on gym memberships and classes over the years, only to not go - or even worse, to wander around the gym aimlessly trying to decide what to do… I’m getting a great deal for my money! Now, every minute of every session is spent with knowledgeable trainers - on a program that is continually designed (and re-designed) for me. I would recommend Symmetry Gym to anyone who is looking to maximize their time and results in the gym!
  • Rose Mar 28, 2013 11:43 am
    Having recently started working at Symmetry I am amazed at the level of service offered to clients. I knew Amir prior to working in Symmetry through a long distance Skpe session he facilitated with Rick Merrion in the US for a multitude of injuries that I could not find anyone in Dubai to fix heal or improve.
    My first training session ended with an impression of total body breakthrough or maybe breakdown right at the time - the other immediate thing that struck me was how amazingly clean I was - yes clean after the training session - covered in sweat maybe but my hands were clean - a far cry from the multitude of dirty gyms I have trained at in Dubai. The gym is spotless and this matters as gyms are one of biggest carrier of germs. Proven fact! I was served coffee right before my session and was given the right amount of space support and motivation to have one of the best training sessions ever! Symmetry is un paralleled in Dubai and most definitely the UAE. I truly wish them all the success and exposure they deserve. So goo to see someone getting it RIGHT!

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