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Hair styling chain with outlets across the city

Location: Dubai Marina
Tel: 04 362 9865
Travel: Marina Walk
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  • Katrina Aug 01, 2012 06:37 am
    Went to the salon last Saturday and had the BEST highlight treatment and hair cut by Maltini (Hairdresser from Jordan) who works at the Marina Walk branch. It is rare to be treated by a skilled hairdresser who takes time to advise you on the best colours for your highlights, so that the final results is as natural as possible. Not only did Maltini do a great job, he also applied masks and protective treatements, in addition to a great head massage. This is excellent customer service and honestly quite rare in Dubai. The final bill was not exorbitant or a rip-off like in other salons for these kind of long treatments. I highly recommend Maltini at Franck Provost Marina Walk -and this is from a French girl who is used to good / sofisticated hair treatements in France (Franck Provost is French :-)!
  • mary Jan 10, 2011 06:51 am
    I too went to the salon in the Mall of the Emirates. I had full colour and a blow-dry and a trim - the Lebanese guy charged me 1,500 AED!!!! I will not go back there - FAR too expensive!! Ripped off!
  • tracy mclaren Jan 08, 2011 07:29 pm
    im almost two years now in dubai since i came here i try so many salon to make my hair done. i never satisfied any salon i came before then i try to get my color and a highlights with a pilipino guy name so impress hes very polite and very honest to deal with.ang surprise i realy realy likes my hair and so shiny.i could not try anymore again with the others....
  • Elena Sep 16, 2010 11:56 am
    I also had a bad experience in Marina :( The guy was Lebanese, i dont remember the name. I wanted high and low lights. My hair naturally are light brown with blond high and low lights, but have red pigment in them which I told the hairdresser before. He was: yes yes sure it will be great, I know exactly how to treat such hair. Turned out NO he didnt, they turned bright orange. It was a disaster. To fix the thing he colored my entire hair blond, which turned out to be that super white aritificial blond I dont want to even name it. I was about to cry and eat the guy alive! He ended up giving a blow dry of the kind like old ladies will wear. Mama mia! Never ever I ll go there and would not recommend to anyone else either.
  • Julie May 31, 2010 07:43 am
    I went to the one in mall of emirates and asked for a lady when i got there it was all men so ended up with a jordanan guy he was nice and friendly but made a right mess of my hair i said at the time when i rang to book i didnt want a blow dry and even told the guy but he ended up blowdrying it and pretended he didnt hear me say i didnt want a blow dry i looked as if id been driving around town in a convertable my hair was that bad and one side was longer than the other i only had a trim cost me £180 ..Half way through the morrocan lady came in and when i was going to the till to pay she marched behind me incase i kicked off about the blow dry scamm ladies save your money ..

    Stay away there not traned and they just rip you off ...

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