Natural Healing Wellness Spa

Just one step into this spa and you will be pulled back to ancient times

Natural Healing Wellness Spa
Just one step into this spa and you will be pulled back to ancient times. With its unique decor that blends tranquility with Chinese history, the Natural Healing Wellness Spa promises to be the perfect treat for the body and mind. A wide variety of luxurious treatments are available for men and women. Natural Healing Wellness Spa
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By Caroline Garnar | 11 April 2010

Location: Jumeirah
Tel: 04 348 3896
Travel: Al Wasl Road
Times: Open daily 10am-11.30pm
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  • Miza Nov 10, 2009 09:17 am
    I was pretty relieved to hear nothing but the calming trickle of a waterfall as I stepped inside the Natural Healing Wellness Spa. It smelled good too - kind of like you imagine Paris Hilton's bathroom might smell...After a few minutes, my "healer" showed me to a little room, where ancient instrumental music echoed soothingly around more faux-stone walls.She started on my back and I felt knots I didn't even know I had become untied as she kneaded, pressed and prodded at my shoulder-blades. "You might feel pain now, but afterwards you'll feel better" she promised (she was right!)
    Onto my legs and a hundred miles of shopping mall stresses poured straight out, recharging my batteries and rendering me ready to go! My arms were rubbed free of troubles, the ‘chi' was stretched from my feet and as I let my mind wander, I was aware of how floaty light I felt at the mercy of her magical hands.Hot oils were involved, as were hot towels. I can't say I've ever really had the pleasure of either before...i can say the place is more ancient thou but the massages are the best i had in dubai and i recommend its must try place and u`ll love ittt.....

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