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Health Factory
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  • Rob Jun 10, 2013 12:49 pm

    Dont waste your time and money.

    British expat 9 years Dxb.
  • MC Feb 02, 2012 05:33 am
    I went on 2 different plans (1 month each), their detox and Miracle one. I have many severe food intolerences, dairy being the worst, and was hoping that this program would help me in eating right and not having to worry about what was in the food.
    My experience started off good. Dietician was helpful and made it seem like they can help me customize a program that was suited to my dietary needs.
    The detox program was dairy free, but, as the name suggests, wasn't very exciting and I thought was very expensive given the food that you received. Also, there was often items listed on the menu that were missing from the lunch box. You're only allowed to go on that program once every six months, so I was then forced to take on the Miracle one...which had dairy in virtually every meal. Of course, I asked if they can customize it so that I can have vegan options - each time I was told the dietician would call, and she never did.
    The food is decent enough (don't expect too much flavor), but for the money you pay, I would have expected a plan that was more catered to my needs.

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