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Time Out’s spa sleuths find 15 of the world’s best massages, all right here in Dubai Comments

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Balinese massage is a full-body method that aims to create ‘body/soul harmony’ through methods including acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy (great attention is paid to the scents of the oils used). It’s ideal for people who like variety.

Balinese massage at Dreamworks, Dhs200 for an hour
Best for affordable luxury

Experience: Our masseuse had a good eye for our trouble spots and proceeded to stretch them and get deep down to the sore nerves. The best part was when she worked down the spine vertebrae by vertebrae: shudder.

Verdict: This is the massage we’ve been waiting for. Normally we leave a spa feeling more could have been done to work the kinks in our back. Not here; the masseuse was perfectly thorough.
Dreamworks, various locations, from Jebel Ali to The Dubai Mall (800 37326)

Balinese massage at Body Talk Spa, Dhs395 for an hour
Best for tense areas

Experience: The friendly Bali-born masseuse started off gently, but applied more pressure on particularly tense spots (for us, our shoulders and left ‘typing’ hand). It was vaguely painful, but medicinally so.

Verdict: We entered the spa harried and admittedly uptight. We left relaxed and in a far better mood. Be sure to sup the peppermint tea afterwards.
Body Talk Spa, Mövenpick, The Walk at JBR (04 449 8888)

By Nyree Barrett
Time Out Dubai,

User reviews:

Posted by: Gray on 31 Dec ' 14 at 11:43

I've tried quite a few massage places, found Urban Male Lounge (UML) located at the DIFC to be the best. Its a tad bit pricy, but worth every penny! Instead of wasting time and money on experimenting with new places, I seriously recommend this place. Rest assured, its tried and testing - I'm going there since May 2014 :)

Posted by: Julian on 14 Jun ' 12 at 09:47

House of Chi is closed. did they move somewhere else?
I think it was the best place for massages in Dubai.

Any ideas where the place went or the staff went to?

Posted by: Cambo on 11 Jun ' 12 at 14:31

House of Chi is no longer open...

Can anyone suggest a good, proper, well-trained Shiatsu in Dubai??

Posted by: Meens on 23 May ' 10 at 02:51

I agree with Hilda...I have tried Aroushi too, and the lady is good...Feet First I had tried...but I was thoroguly disappointed too! I agree with her, the training + technique is very is important that the lady asks you how you find the massage and improve it...according to the customer's requirements...

Posted by: Hilda on 13 May ' 10 at 11:31

I must say that I love the massages at Aroushi Beauty Salon on Al Wasl Road. There are two ladies who do this, and both are good. i usually have a Thai/ Swedish combo done for around Dhs 230. Admittedly, the decor is not out of the world, but definitely relaxing and they play the music you want. Always dependable, and much better than ones I've had in many five star hotels.

Also, I do not think the staff at Feet First are any good. I've tried them twice at differnt locations and they've not failed to disappoint.

Generally speaking, spa owners need to really understand the importance of proper training. If your staff have the right technique and manner, the rest will follow. Small tweaks can hugely change your service. Like using warm oil or lotion, having a nice bowl of flowers to look down into when you're lying on your belly, the right kind of music, dimmed lights, wiping the soles of your feet first..the list is endless. But surprisingly most 'regular' spas fail to identify these opportunuties for improvement, and that's what separates the great from the mediocre.

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