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Brian Montgomery at the Saks Salon (scroll down for details)
Deb Whitehead at the Pastels Salon
Shadi Nassif at the Carita Salon
Yvonne Currie at the Hairworks
Sandra Filo at the Sisters Beauty Lounge
Sharon Anderson at the Salon Ink
Maria Dowling at the Mariadowling
Jenna Barron at the Ted Morgan
Eldine Gerber at the Roots Salon
Rami Jabali at the Jacques La Coupe Salon

Brian Montgomery
Saks Salon
In Dubai: Just over a year
Modus operandi: He stays up to date on style and says his forte is ‘a classic bob with timeless lines, yet with a modern twist’.
Top hair tips: ‘When tying your hair up in a ponytail, use a bobble without a metal clasp – they can snap the hair.’
Celeb hair inspiration: ‘Sienna Miller, she pulls off any hair style and has great bone structure.’
Favourite product range: Kérastase

Time Out tries…

Consultation: Brian listened to what we were looking for and made several helpful suggestions, explaining his reasoning thoroughly (dye the roots to eliminate the chemical build-up from previous dye jobs; add layers to make our hair swish). We felt very well informed.
He had plenty of good gab, and we walked away with a slew of book suggestions and some insider celebrity gossip.
Atmosphere of salon: There’s no in-salon distractions apart from a pile of magazines, but Brian proved entertainment enough.
Result: We were a little scared when he started to snip away at the front of our hair, but the new layers won us over. The colour is perfect and the semi-permanent dye makes it gloriously glossy.
A cut with Brian costs Dhs350; a full colour is Dhs400 and a full head of highlights is Dhs500. Saks Salon, The Palace Hotel, Downtown Burj Khalifa (04 430 8572).

By Nyree Barrett
Time Out Dubai,

User reviews:

Posted by: Emma on 29 Jan ' 15 at 07:44

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I moved in Dubai few months ago and I was recommended by friends to go to see Simona at Chill Salon , she was amazing restyle completely my look ... new colour new haircut I feel much younger and confident with my new hair I really recommend to everyone one to see her to avoid bad hair experience in Dubai

Posted by: Zara on 01 Nov ' 14 at 16:46

I recently called Carita Salon in Al Qasr to book an appointment with Shadi Nassif only to find out that he has left them ! Does anybody know which salon he is working in now ? It would be a great help as I trust only him with my hair !

Posted by: HelenB on 02 Jan ' 14 at 20:57

When I have time occasionally, I do enjoy reading the reviews of salons here. It's not that I'm looking for a new stylist (I'm very happy with Toni&Guy), but I'm on the Time Out mail list. It seems all the same names keep popping up. Funny that? And because of the many same reviews from the many same salons, this should be obvious to all, that they must be self congratulatory written. It's a shame as you would hope that we could get a accurate & honest review from Time Out.

I personally don't believe any of it.

Anyway, to all the readers ... Happy New Year, and here's hoping you never have a bad hair day! I guess I'm one of the lucky ones?

Posted by: Prerna on 18 Apr ' 13 at 10:24

Ashwina the coolest stylist in Dubai for Indian hair so entertaining while she does the best job on u!

Posted by: anna on 19 Mar ' 13 at 20:50

i went to toni and guy difc and i had my short haircut with tony he is a style director he is lebanese and i want to say he is my idol i love my hairrrrr try toni :)

Posted by: Debbie on 02 Mar ' 13 at 09:04

Hello everyone , I use not to trust this comments but I change my mind after I received complementary treatment with Jacques at Jacques la coupe , it's like your in Paris or Euope ,very professional and clean the best color in Dubai , i got Christmas gift voucher an I used it last week just AMAZING

Posted by: Simran on 21 Feb ' 13 at 06:09

Thanx to time out Dubai that I found Ashwina at juice salon!i love only her there!

Posted by: Rami Jabali on 11 Jan ' 13 at 11:51

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

Dear Friends, Clients and Everyone,
 I am happy to announce the opening of Rami Jabali Salon & Spa, located in Jumeirah Beach Residences, Murjan 3, plaza level, above Boutique 1. -Complimentary parking is available. Looking forward to see all of you again and giving you the best treatments. kind regards, Rami Jabali

Posted by: Natasha on 06 Dec ' 12 at 18:37

Hi guys this eve the most brilliant experience with Ashwina at juice hair saloon!her stile of every thing was so perfect !not pushy at all just to the point exp but worth a visit

Posted by: sonja on 31 Aug ' 12 at 17:32

hey girls trust me just go to Jacques at Jacques la coupe for your haircolr and highlights hes just amaaazing , then let me know ;)

Posted by: Meghan on 29 Jun ' 12 at 12:35

After reading these reviews I made an appointment with Rami at the Marina Address Hotel and I have to say that I am SO happy!!
My hair was in a terrible condition and Rami really listened to what I wanted and delivered.
He is AMAZING with colour and the cut is exactly what I had envisioned.
I would highly recommend him.

Posted by: Reema on 18 Jun ' 12 at 19:35

Hi guys u wnt a stylist whose honest friendly and good with Indian hair try Ashwina at juice saloon at mankool road one of the sweetest chiks with no attitude ready to help u out and explain u each and every detail .im impressed!

Posted by: Charlie on 03 Mar ' 12 at 09:29

I saw that Time Out magazine gave a good review about the new Jacques La Coupe salon in Dubai Mall so thought I would give it a try. I was in the salon for almost three hours and no other clients in there, The magazines they gave me to read were months out of date. I told the hairdresser Alex I wanted my roots doing and maybe a colour toner run through to the ends. By the time I got to the washbasin my eyes were stinging because of the strong peroxide, which alarmed me. I said I wanted it drying with a defuser but was told they didnt have one in the salon. Then the hairdresser said he had forgotten his scissors so he used someone elses. I was always told that scissors are the tools of the trade and a good hairdresser wouldnt dream of using someone elses. He then cut is finger and blood was going on my hair, so I had to suggest that he should put a band aid on before he continued. My hair didnt look to bad when I left, but by the time I got home it was poker straight and I have always had natural curly hair. Now three weeks later and my hair is so dry, brittle and straight. I got advise at another salon and they told me that it has been over processed and nothing I can do but wait until it grows out. The strange thing is when I was leaving they raved how nice my hair looked and took a photo of it. I guess they realised they had messed my hair up and so if I went back and complained then they would produce the photo and say it was fine when I left the shop. I am posting this to other ladies in Dubai, as the last thing you want is your hair ruined. Everyone who knows me is commenting on my hair..What have I done as they have never seen it so bad.

Posted by: Nancy on 08 Feb ' 12 at 13:26

Hi Cj I'm Nancy and Lebanese to, I donna about Rami , but I can tell u iv been doing my hair with Jacques for the last six years and I'm very satisfied ,he's lebaneese and he give u what u will ask for exactly , he's at the address hotel marina.

Posted by: Cj on 05 Feb ' 12 at 19:03

Hi I am Lebanese and I have been hearing about Rami but just scared that he won't have experience with Arab hair! Is he really recommended and that good? Because I have never heard of him except in this review

Posted by: Luke Bingham on 31 Jan ' 12 at 15:27

Hello this is Luke, owner of Chill Salon. I was notified to the very angry negative post that was wrote by Sara. I would just like to say, I have not wrote any posts on here. I and all of my team have had the best training and all are very experienced. I would like to say to Sara if you really think this, come down to the salon I will personally do your hair, after this maybe you could then pass judgement. Thank you

Posted by: Laura on 20 Jan ' 12 at 10:02

Thank you Sara for sharing your thoughts; however, you must not have had your hair done with Rami… as he really is amazing!!!! All of these women love their hair and are very grateful that he brings out their features through his work. I suggest you book in an appointment for even just a consultation to witness his creative touch. I am a happy client of his and have been for over three years now. Best of wishes, Laura

Posted by: Cynthia on 18 Jan ' 12 at 19:45

I drove all the way from the old town to marina to make my hair color at Jacques la coupe salon , it's worth the drive , but today I find out that they have another branch in Dubai mall and Jacques goes there as well , so this is for all the ladies who need a good hairdresser in that area ;)

Posted by: sara on 11 Jan ' 12 at 20:00

It is such a laugh reading all these reviews especially the ones about Rami? and Luke? at Chill Salon! It is soooo obvious to everyone that they are writing these reviews themselves! Must think we are all fools; but its amusing that they have all this time on their hands; I thought they were busy, ha ha!

When reviews such as this is so twisted and corrupt, it makes no sense whatsoever to try these salons; reason being they must be so desperate for business they have to write their own reviews with all this time they have!!!!!!

How can we trust these articles???????? !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Carla on 10 Jan ' 12 at 13:44

Actually I grown my hair for almost 3years And I only color it and cut it when I'm back home in UK , now I heard about Jacques La Coupe salon at address hotel in the marina and I visit the salon for only consultation , the guy was focus and knows what he doing so he cut it short and give me a fabulous rich color. I love it , I think he's name john or Jacques ,I trust this place and I'm happy to tell every one about it ...

Posted by: Jan on 08 Jan ' 12 at 15:03

Really most say all this about Rami looks a little fishy. I did see a few bad posts about him, that have been taken off and only good ones on.

Posted by: ella on 08 Jan ' 12 at 11:32

finally finally finally with BIG HUGE smile i can recommend a hairdresser in dubai yess after suffering for 2 years i went to jacques la coupe salon in dubai marina with my freind and i was really happy about the service they did and how everybody going out with lovely healthy hair , so i did my highlights and cut and im just veery satisfied,
thanks to Jacques and all the team .xx

Posted by: Andrea Tanagho on 30 Dec ' 11 at 03:27

After my first visit to Rami this week I'm now a total convert! Everything that has been said about him is true. This man is a genius at colouring and cutting, with a delightful personality added to the mix. Within 20 minutes of leaving the salon two people commented on my hair - a short precision cut, needing a load of skill, as ladies with short hair will know. I will certainly be back for more of his magic!

Posted by: Shelby Sutter on 19 Dec ' 11 at 15:54

I'm a 22yr old American expat in Dubai. I've been a client of Rami's for months now and wouldn't dare to go anywhere else. I have blonde highlights and it's hard to find someone who really knows what they're doing. He always does a great job on my hair. The best part is that he genuinely cares how it looks and takes your feedback very seriously! He is the color king! He is very busy so I suggest booking in advance. It's best to call his direct line at +(971) 50-286-6753 to make your appointment. Avoid booking through the salon as they tend to book you with anyone they see fit at the time. He also has a new Facebook page for clients. You can find it by searching "Rami Jabali Hairdresser". I'm sure your experience with him will be as great as mine has been!

Posted by: Emily on 17 Dec ' 11 at 07:53

After all the years in Dubai now I can say I'm satisfied and happy with my hair , just found Jacques at the Address hotel marina , Hes an artist with coloring he just make me love my hair again. Yesss

Posted by: Caroline on 15 Dec ' 11 at 13:21

After plenty of research and deliberation i decided to go with the majority of reviews on here and visited Chill Salon in DMC (easy for me as work there also). I tried to get in with salon owner Luke but he was booked up for the evenings i could do so was seen by one of the lovely girls there (sadly cant remember her name) I wasn't after anything dramatically different but just something fresh. I can honestly say that i have never left a salon feeling so pleased with the service i had just received ;D she seemed to totally understand what i was after and gave a couple of suggestions as to what we could do and we went from there. She defiantly knew her stuff and was happy to take the time to ensure i was happy with the end result, one very happy client ;) For anyone thats interested their number is 044462991 - I highly recommend!!

Posted by: Caroline on 15 Dec ' 11 at 13:21

After plenty of research and deliberation i decided to go with the majority of reviews on here and visited Chill Salon in DMC (easy for me as work there also). I tried to get in with salon owner Luke but he was booked up for the evenings i could do so was seen by one of the lovely girls there (sadly cant remember her name) I wasn't after anything dramatically different but just something fresh. I can honestly say that i have never left a salon feeling so pleased with the service i had just received ;D she seemed to totally understand what i was after and gave a couple of suggestions as to what we could do and we went from there. She defiantly knew her stuff and was happy to take the time to ensure i was happy with the end result, one very happy client ;) For anyone thats interested their number is 044462991 - I highly recommend!!

Posted by: Esther Alexander on 30 Nov ' 11 at 15:04

I have to say Sisters beauty lounge is not up to the game!!!
last year everytime i went to them i made my appointments two months in advance with sandra and they double book me and triple book me with other people.
the heights was last december when they triple booked my appointment and burnt my eyebrows off becoz sandra was busy with other clients.
i never went back and they never compensated me for that.
this year i thought i would try once again in december, guess what!! eventhough i book my appontment 2 months in advance they call me two days before my actual appointment and tell me im sorry sandra is on 3 month holiday would you like someone else!! the nerves they could atleast inform me before so i can go to another good hairdresser it is so dificult to get an apointment in the last minute and that too and i am going for an out of country wedding!! they are not even apologetic.

Posted by: brian montgomery on 04 Nov ' 11 at 11:53

hi guys im no longer in saks due to management im in yin yang salon jbr sadaf 3 suha hotel apartments brian montgomery

Posted by: Kenni Crane on 01 Nov ' 11 at 10:06

I have a long history of trying to find a hairdresser who understands curly hair! Rami is now my hero...and I follow him everywhere!...I am happy with my curly hair and he gives me new ways and new products to be even happier...Thank you, Rami

Posted by: tina on 25 Oct ' 11 at 20:51

last week i was trying 2 find a god hairdresser in dubai after i had a lot of trials with a lot of salons here and everytime went back home almost crying and after i read all the recommendation about rami i thought to give it a try..and guess what? i am so happy with my color now and finally i came back home without crying!

Posted by: Angela on 10 Oct ' 11 at 07:57

I used this website and found it really helpful for selecting a hairdresser in Dubai so in the spirit of good karma I am leaving my comments for the Chill Salon and in particular the owner, Luke. The salon is easy to find and pleasing to the eye with a relaxed atmosphere and the feeling that the customers all come here often as they chat happily away with the hairstylists as if they’ve known them for years. Always a good sign! Luke started my visit with a consultation. I have curly hair and find it difficult to not only find someone adept at cutting curly hair but indeed styling it too. Luke was very honest about my hair cut and colour and even though I didn’t want to lose any of my length, managed to convince me to let him snip away to get my style in better shape. Luke is very knowledgeable on cutting styles and colour and it was refreshing to see he actually got involved in the colouring too rather than letting a junior do that stage. The end result was admittedly shorter than I had planned BUT I am assured it will only get better and my hair does feel in a better state than it was when I arrived. The layers are nice and choppy and I can still style it myself at home too. Luke is chatty, honest and knows his stuff and the other clients I saw coming and going during my visit all went out happy customers. I am brunette but there was one blonde girl in there that had a colour and cut at the same time as me and I have to say it was one of the nicest, natural looking blondes I have seen in Dubai. So I can highly recommend both Luke and the Chill Salon.

Posted by: Vick on 15 Sep ' 11 at 16:36

Having moved to Dubai in Jan, I had no idea where to go for a good colour and cut, I ended up at Tony and Guy and had a dreadful experience with both aspects totally failing to live up to my expectations. I then approached a lady with a fabulous colour and asked where she had got it done and by whom. Turns out it was Rami Jabali (formally of Chill Salon and now at Jacques la Coupe at The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina - +97144458381). www.lacoupebeaute.com Valet park is free too!

I cannot stress enough what it feels like to have great hair everyday, not just 'walk out of the salon' then never be able to style again but blow-dry and style in under five minutes and feel fabulous the whole 6 weeks between appointments! Never before have ladies stopped me in the street to ask me where I get my hair done, but in the 9 months I have lived here that has happened about 5 or 6 times! Big ego boost for me, and a huge comment about the skill and expertise of this man. Have I recommended him to my nearest and dearest? Absolutely. Should you trust your own head of hair with him? You bet ya! You will not be disappointed. This is a professional that listens to his client’s wishes, makes an informed decision based on his years of experience and gives you a cut or colour that flatters you and works for your life.

One very happy client ;)

Posted by: May on 10 Sep ' 11 at 20:42

Hello Ladies, here is another vote for my lovely hairdresser Rami Jabali.
Actually, I have been a client of his since he moved to Dubai and more as a friend now. I want to inform all that Rami has shifted his business from Chill salon to the five star hotel at the Marina. It's in the Address Hotel in Dubai Marina next to Dubai Marina Mall. He is located in the prestigious JACQUES LA COUPE salon on the 3rd floor. To make a reservation call +971502866753.

All of the prices are remaining the same like before, and there is free valet parking available at the Hotel entrance.

This review is a favor for Rami and for every lady who wants to find him for a fabulous hair.

Posted by: Joe Joe on 02 Aug ' 11 at 13:01

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

After reading reviews for the Award Winning Salon - maria dowling,i decided to go. i had light brown hair and would get my roots colored only. Every time they would leave a strip or a line of hair throughout my head uncolored. I said ok,maybe im picky. Then i went to get lighter hair,so,from light brown,dark blonde,i wanted blonde,all around,normal blonde. Too much to ask? YES. I paid for AED 1,300 for a cut which was 1 finger long,moisture treatment,highlights and a 'color lifter'. My hair is now super dry,im really depressed,people are asking me what happened to my hair because it was curly and full of life. now it looks like a five year old played with bleach,because she put bleach on already dark blonde hair!!!!! I called and said what is the case,and the girl said "well,ill just have to take ur word for it" because i explained i didnt tan,didnt go the beach,didnt blow dry it and i use the kerastane products. i went today,maria was there. I TALK SHE TALKS OVER ME. SHE DOES NOT LISTEN. I told her I really want to like this salon and come back,HELP ME. She said ok,well take care of you. They did a mask,which costs nothing like 100dhs and some products which i already have and that was that.i told her not to dry it fully,cuz if it came out like broom,i would have had another heart attack. Now im home,my hair has dried and it looks the same,if not WORSE. What can i do? i lost my natural curls,it looks unruly,unhealthy and the color looks cheap!!! Its the dubai ash blonde that everyone complains about. I have a headache and im really depressed. I PAYED SO MUCH AND MY HAIR IS DAMAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!! What awards and where did they acquire them?!! Thanks im miserable now!!!

Posted by: Fleur on 31 Jul ' 11 at 17:04

I have lived in Dubai for over 3 years now, and always struggled to find a good hairdresser. Rami is the first hairdresser in Dubai that actually listens to the client and suggests good alternatives. I have never been disappointed after walking out of Chill Salon. Would and have highly recommended Rami to anyone in Dubai looking for an outstanding hairdresser =)

Posted by: Janize Lingad on 26 Jul ' 11 at 21:35

10/10 for Chill Salon!! This will absolutely be my permanent salon in Dubai from now on. Cozy, smart, sleek place, and helpful staff! Highly-talented Hair stylist Luke is a genius!!! It was my first visit to Chill Salon this morning and I was more than impressed by the fantastic layered haircut he did and the amazing hair color he transformed my hair into! He really has taken time to assess my hair, listened attentively, and gave expert advice on styling and maintaining a healthy natural looking hairstyle according to my lifestyle! He is very warm and friendly too. No wonder they also use the best quality products here because my hair looks noticeably very shiny and smooth after. I came out feeling and looking amazing and fabulous, getting compliments from my friends! What a winning worthwhile salon experience! :-)

Posted by: Rana on 07 Jul ' 11 at 06:46

After years in Dubai, having tried and tested a LOT of hairdressers I finally found the one I will be sticking with. I have VERY curly, thick hair, and I always DREAD going to a new hairdresser because there are so few that know what to do with my hair! I go to Rebecca @ Mariadowling whenever I can get an appointment- (or even get through on the phone for that matter- they can be a real pain to get through to), but I needed a cut and color so badly that I came online looking for reviews, and decided to try out Rami at Chill Salon! He is GREAT! He not only took the time to look at the horrendous cut I had from before, but alos at the hair, how it grows, the curls in the front vs the back, etc... and he cut and colored it PERFECTLY!!! I left a HOT redhead, which I wanted for a while, with a cut that not only looks healthy but vibrant too! He knows his stuff and loves what he do, and it shows in his work. I will definitely be back!!!!

Posted by: Lorna on 01 Jul ' 11 at 14:01

After reading reviews on this website - and many others online - as well as a handful of less than happy visits to salons around Dubai, I can safely say I've found one salon that works for me :-) hurrah!

CHILL SALON in Media City is what I'd be tempted to call a boutique salon, with the air of a well-guarded secret that its smugly satisfied clientele (myself included!) are happy to be in on! The decor, with its oversized gilt mirrors (and probably a chandelier or two?) is elegantly 'shabby vintage chic' and the ambience, created by the quietly professional stylists (mine was Rami) is bang up-to-date modern. I even have a genuine two-way interactive consultation about what to do with my hair (-so far just cutting), which gives me a lot more confidence in the process and the outcome; and Rami is happy to agree, disagree and make recommendations, so I feel I'm in safe hands once he picks up the scissors. I'm sure he'd have some great ideas if I didn't have a clue though!

Yummy Italian organic products used on the hair are available to buy (and buy I did!), as well as styling tools, including some quality bristle brushes (maybe next time).

My only motivations for writing this are in support of genuine, good value for money (IMO) local business' expertise and service; and to offer some more information to people trying to make a decision, as others had for me :-) so thanks for reading!

Posted by: Pooja on 13 Jun ' 11 at 16:28

I used services at the Sera Beauty Lounge in Media city today and was soo happy with their services. Had the best experience with my color. A hair dresser called Aklas made me soo comfortable and did an amazing job with my color, cut. Also did their mani pedi and their therapists were excellent. Glad to have found such a nice place where I can do all services under one roof!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!

Posted by: Cheryl Selby on 21 May ' 11 at 17:28

I have had my cut and colour done twice by Rami at Chill salon and was extremely pleased both times. My boys have had their hair cut to and both have been very happy with the result. Rami gave me great advice and my colour was just what I was looking for.

Posted by: Lama on 11 May ' 11 at 12:47

I went to Sera Beauty Lounge as my hair was messed by Roots. A girl called Faten did my hair and I loved it. Looked like a zebra when I left Roots and they were soo rude and accused me of my hair quality for the zebra look. Thank God Faten understood what I wanted and without a deep burn in my pocket, I resolved my issue. Infact she conditioned my hair with some Wella product and my hair is soo smooth after that. Love the place, location, staff and good price...Highly recommend

Posted by: kimberly on 18 Apr ' 11 at 13:57

I just had the worst experience at Saks Salon. I had had two previous cuts there and was happy about the cut but not the dry (I have curly hair and the diffuser just left it frizzy). This last visit, the stylist had double booked. He was cutting my hair and colouring another client's. When I asked for a blow out, he sent the girl who washes hair to blow dry my hair. It was so terrible she had to use the straightening iron, which made it even worse. I couldn't believe I was asked to pay 350 dhs. for the hair-wash girl to style my hair. Actually, I was in shock. I called the manager the next day to ask for a refund and he refused. He offered a free dry but I can do better at home what the hair-wash girl did. For 350 dhs for a cut and dry, you're better off trying another salon. You won't have to listen to the stylists verbally abuse their female staff either.

Posted by: Vanessa on 11 Apr ' 11 at 06:05

It is sad to say that I tried a few times to contact Maria Dowling Hair salon, but no answer. Also went on the website to double check the number. Surely after holding for 10 minutes at a time, someone should answer. Oh well, decided to go with Chill Beauty Salon after reading the reviews and I get 25% discount on hair salon services. :)

Posted by: Sushma Panikker on 10 Feb ' 11 at 07:51

Had my hair cut and coloured by Rami from Chill Salon also. He's a fabulous hair stylist- one of the best in dubai I think...and I've experiemented quite abit. He makes the time for you, listens to what you want and makes great recommendations. Has the most beautiful demeanor of dealing with clients. And is a magician with a pair of sizzors and colour!

I came out of Chill as a hot redhead with a super sharp cut feeling like a million bucks!!

GO RAMI!!! :)

Posted by: Caryn on 09 Dec ' 10 at 06:12

Luke at Chill Salon started cutting my hair three years ago after a catalogue of hair disasters at various salons across Dubai. I moved here from London where I was spolit for choice with some of the best salons and hairdressers in the world and Luke is easily of that same calibre!!! I have a very short, graphic style which requires technical precision and attention to detail and I'm always absolutely delighted with Luke's cuts....he's also fun and makes me laugh a lot which adds to the experience!!!

Posted by: Lucia on 06 Dec ' 10 at 13:02

Just got back from Chill Salon. Rami was excellent - very personable and he spent the time to find out what I wanted before starting. He also gave his opinion based on my hair type and i've ended up with a cut and colour that I love.
A wonderful experience, I will definitely be going back fro my next hair cut and colour.

Posted by: Catherine on 28 Nov ' 10 at 06:33

The very best hair salon I have just discovered in Dubai is called Beauty Within, situated in the Jewel Towers. Can the beautiful Summer (Tunisian) cut and colour - best highlights I have ever had! I reckon they are the top Salon in Dubai. Sheila, owner from the UK really runs a professional Salon!

Posted by: Mina on 11 Nov ' 10 at 11:02

@Reema: Fadi at the Address Hotel is very good with curly hair. There's also a stylist at Juice on Mankhool Road (Burdubai) - her name has completely slipped my mind for some reason but just ask for the person who specializes in curly hair. Both places need booking well in advance :)

Posted by: Sandy on 07 Nov ' 10 at 16:33

I had the worst colour ever at Roots, I left with bright yellow hair instead of blonde, I was in tears at paying over 900 dhs for ruining my hair and was offered no correction service, instead told my hair didn't lighten to a natural blonde which was totally incorrect as I have been blonde for over 10 years and was appalled they tried to blame their incompetence on me!!!!

Posted by: mel on 06 Nov ' 10 at 19:29

i went to sera beauty salon on recommendation of a friend who got a short hair cut, her name is ashwina, i was quite happy she managed to get the right color i had ever dreamt about without burning a hole in my pocket. one thing i liked about her was her honesty that she didnt want to sell me any extra treatments or anything but just gave me the right advice on my hair care.

Posted by: Nadine on 03 Nov ' 10 at 13:17

For me the best hairdressers in Dubai is Cut & Shape. Ive been in Dubai a while now and its taken me some time to find a hairdressers that I like and that I actually TRUST!! :O).All the girls in Cut & Shape are fab! although I usually get Bonnie to do my hair, she's great, every time I go I get my colour redone and a cut (I like to change the cut up abit now and again) she knows what I want and I'm always happy. I couldnt fault her or any of the girls in there. Plus the atmosphere is so relaxed and pleasent, you can have a good chit chat with them. You have to check them out!

Posted by: Hilary on 03 Nov ' 10 at 10:30

I had a colour and cut yesterday with Rami at CHILL SALON... It's the second time I have been there, and I will definitely be going back there again. Luke was away this time, so Rami was running the show, and did a fantastic job! Whilst I am pretty relaxed about my hair, he took the time to explain what he recommended for both the colour and the cut in order to get it from one style to another, and then got on and made it happen, chatting all the time! I couldn't recommend him (and Luke) highly enough - not only do they tons of experience and therefore cut and colour hair really well, but they are lovely people too, which makes the whole experience a winning one!!

Posted by: Hana Bygrave on 02 Nov ' 10 at 20:17

Natasha Elvina @ Hairworks Al Wasl branch is number 1 in Dubai and the UAE for me.
I've had loads of different styles and colours, ranging from blue, pink, red, purple, blonde (willingly i might add) and everything she has ever done looks and feels brilliant, not only that I get all the haircare advice i could possibly want and the style and colour lasts for ages!
I cannot recommend Natasha highly enough, she is entirely self taught and a natural talent, book an appointment with her early, as obviously many feel the same was as me as she is always fully booked!
Hair works Al Wasl branch was the original salon before the JBR branch, the whole team are lovely, i've been with the 5 years - never had one complaint. Go check them out! ;-)

Posted by: Carolina on 31 Oct ' 10 at 06:42

Hi, personaly I had a best experience at Studio One Salon, Lorraine and Hevin for me are the excellent hairdressers with colour, cut and most of all pleasent and friendly. They follow the trends and know how to advise to find your own style. I will definately reccommend this salon.

Posted by: Adnan Shabbir on 27 Oct ' 10 at 11:21

it would be good to have price qouted here for their services for us to choose and compare between them.

Posted by: Reema on 27 Oct ' 10 at 08:46

Any idea if any one of these hair dressers are good to handle curly hair? Most of the hairdressers I have come across are very good with straight hair but find it difficult to give a different look with curly hair.

Posted by: Anita2 on 27 Oct ' 10 at 05:27

Just read the review on the hairdresser at Roots. Sounds like they have lifted their game. I had a terrible experience there a couple of years ago and left the salon with bright orange roots that didn't match the blonde in the rest of my hair. Was almost in tears when paying the bill but noone offered any correction to the color. I personally won't be going back but I hope this new hairdresser saves newbies from the horror I experienced there!

Posted by: Sabrina on 25 Oct ' 10 at 10:10

Shadi gets 5 stars out of 5 from me! He listens and gets it correct every time... from colour, cut to blow dry. I am just hoping that he will not move away from Dubai!

Posted by: wendy on 25 Oct ' 10 at 08:54

I asked my hairdresser at Toni&Guy Grand Hyatt Hotel Dubai, why they did not participate in this survey and they very openly admitted that they wouldn't feel good about promoting just one member of staff. I'm extremely and consistently happy with them; all their hairdressers are really talented, all educated at their own London Academy and they said it would be un-motivating to promote just one person. I guess honesty is the best policy!

Posted by: Bina on 25 Oct ' 10 at 08:24

Ms Kim at Beautiful Times Salon is one of the best hair dressers in town. Her way of handling the hair, while washing, coloring, hair treatment or any treatment for hair is so theraupetic.

Posted by: Sylvia Bird on 25 Oct ' 10 at 08:23

Hair cut by Luke at Chill Salon last night- excellent attentive service, he gave lots of advice (novice that I am) on how to dry, what products to use, how to get height in the short style that I have. Felt as thogh he knew what he was talking about. Am very pleased with the cut - he listened to what I wanted - will definately use this salon from now on.

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