Men’s facial by Dr Dennis Gross Skincare
As a man in a world where beauty is normally targeted at women, I’m sceptical when hearing the bold claims of any skin clinic. Yet there’s something refreshing about the men’s facial by New York dermatologist Dr Dennis Gross Skincare; for all the hi-tech chatter and scientific-sounding words (apparently it uses salicylic, glycolic, lactic and malic acids), it also promises to protect and strengthen my skin. So I book myself in for a 40-minute treatment with Kiwi consultant Sandra to see what miracles she can offer my semi-greasy, climate-ruined face. My consultation isn’t the trip to the science museum I’d feared, but a simple, helpful chat, during which she asks about my lifestyle, diet and skincare routine.

Curious, I lie down and let Sandra work her micro-exfoliating magic. Despite occasional moments of mild discomfort and hot tingling, it’s surprisingly pleasant – lying on the bed, it’s easy to forget my skin is going through a deep cleanse. Though it’s over in less than an hour, I’m amazed by the difference the cocktail of antioxidants has made. My face feels cleansed and my skin is healthier, smoother and firmer. Leaving the clinic, I feel okay about the Dhs280 spent, and my usual tired, grumpy look is no longer.
Manchester Clinic MedSpa, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dhs280. Tested by Vinny K-Maddage