It’s official: we’ve heard it all. Dubai’s Eternel Medspa Clinic is now offering to tickle away the flab. Yes, you read that right – tickle. Using Tickle Lipo (aka Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction, which is far less amusing), you can apparently now laugh yourself slimmer courtesy of a vibrating machine.

On the subject of weight loss, elsewhere in the UAE the country’s first hospital spa has opened at Ras Al Khaimah Hospital, as a result of a collaboration with US spa technology expert 7e. It’s designed to be both a complementary facility for patients undergoing substantial obesity-management and weight-loss procedures at the hospital, as well as a more casual spot for those who prefer to try treatments that purport to be an alternative to going under the knife.

Back in Dubai, British cosmetic and reconstructive surgery practice Elite Cosmetic Surgery Group opens its first clinic in the country, headed by the group’s founder, Dr Allen Rezai. Apparently he’s a well-known figure on London’s Harley Street, with a reputation for ‘natural’ results.

With all these new treatments launching and clinics opening, it’s little wonder Dubai’s medical industry is forecasted to grow to Dhs40 billion in 2013, and it’s thanks in part to medical tourism.

Finally, anti-ageing treatments also take an unusual turn in Dubai this winter, with the launch of Sqoom at Galeries Lafayette. The technology, developed by German dermatologist Dr Helmut Christ, uses a ‘hand-held sonic device’ to ensure your skin absorbs the various gels and creams in the range. As the savvy among you might have predicted, the fountain of youth comes at a price, and this attempt is no different – a hefty Dhs3,999 for the starter kit.

Until next week, namaste.